World premiere of premium electric car Lucid Air — faster, further, more comfortable

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Tonight Moscow time, in California, at their headquarters in Silicon Valley,

Electric mobility enthusiasts, electric vehicle enthusiasts and just sympathizers have been waiting for a long time for the moment when the company will finally present the production version of the luxury electric car, and will announce when it will go into production and go on sale.

Key indicators that make the Lucid Air one of the best electric cars in its class.

Car development according to the concept

For this, its own transmission and electric motor were developed, thanks to the miniaturization of which it became possible to optimize the interior of the car as much as possible. This concept will be applied to subsequent models of the brand. The Lucid Space Concept is centered on its own platform

And by the way, the very name of the electric car, Air, speaks of what was most important in the creation of the car — air, cleanliness, space, comfort. But the «lyrics» of the name does not at all implore the «physics» of technical perfection, namely, the power of the engine, which gives excellent speed and dynamic characteristics (

Another technical feature is its own fast charging technology, thanks to the on-board charger. It is capable of charging the battery of an electric car (when connected to a fast charging station) at a speed

I wonder if opponents of electric vehicles will still say that charging is too long? Given the range of Lucid Air, which alone is enough for a long trip, a 20-minute pit stop on a charge, for relaxation, it will even be useful … have a cup of coffee and a bun, bounce back …

The capacity of the Lucid Air battery pack is

With the exclusive Lucid spatial concept philosophy, Lucid Air offers a full-size luxury class interior while maintaining the agility of a sports sedan. This approach also allows for the largest roof rack of any electric vehicle to date and incredible two-tier storage options in both the front and rear compartments.

The center pane greets the driver and passenger with a 34-inch curved Glass Cockpit 5K display that floats above the dashboard, creating a light, spacious interior.

All modern «assistants» are also available to assist the driver — Lucid Air’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Lucid DreamDrive, is the first platform of its kind that combines the most complete suite of sensors on the market with an advanced Driver Monitoring System (DMS). There are all kinds of sensors here. Radar and ultrasound, as well as the world’s first standard high definition EV lidar, working in conjunction with standard DMS and HD geofencing, maximizes the safest approach to Level 2 and Level 3 driver assistance technologies.


Lucid Air optics are a microlens system made up of thousands of «light channels». Fully in-house developed, this technology provides the brightest, most accurate and state-of-the-art lighting system. Digital control of the direction of the light is possible by digitally switching the light channels in different directions, revolutionizing equipment and increasing safety.

Lucid has partnered with Amazon to implement an enhanced version of Alexa directly into Lucid Air. This allows the driver and passengers to enjoy all of Alexa’s in-car features, including navigation, calling, media streaming, smart home control, and adding items to a cart or to-do list, all without taking their eyes off the road and hands on the steering wheel. The Lucid implementation for Alexa also provides an expanded set of localized Lucid Air control functions, including HVAC, with a simple voice command.

Lucid Air

It is also worth noting that the company will offer its customers branded home chargers and energy storage devices.

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