Who is now «missile bakes like sausages», Roscosmos or Spacex?

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Being a visit to the US Secretary General of the CPSU Nikita Sergeevich # Khrushchev said two phrases that really «cast in granite»: «

The fact that in Russia we still work the binding of the USSR in the space industry does not cause doubts and surprise. Although, it is surprising that much has managed to preserve during Yeltsinsky timeless and collapse. Our space industry is also good «Protection» «Soyuz», «Proton», Soyuz and Progress Spaceships. Work on the «hangar» and the unfortunate «eagle» (federation). Building a cosmodrome «East». In principle, work seemingly coming from us, but only for some reason, and we know why Roskosmos has already been «asked» in commercial launches, and has almost lost the status of a monopolist in manned launches. And as you already understood, and oddly enough, but the main competitor of the Russian state corporation «Roskosmos» in the international market of space services is the Spacex private space company.

At Spacex Spacex in Boca-Chik, the assembly of several test products STARSHIP continues. Already in October, StarShip SN8 must make a test «jump» almost 20 km.


And in parallel, the tests of Raptor and Raptor Vacuum engines are held.

Meanwhile, a new side booster #Falcon Heavy was delivered to the Test Polygon of the company in McGregor (Texas). There, new accelerators must pass acceptance tests to be admitted to work. A first work of new blocks will bring satellite apparatuses in the interests of the US military, presumably in February next year.

But September has not yet ended, and it is planned to start program


As for the «Roskosmos», they «distinguished», in my personal and subjective opinion, two news. The first is what they decided to make an art film on the ISS, apparently competing with Spacex and Tom Cruise. I wonder who will try to get ahead here Tom Cruise, # Bezrukov?

And the second news, this is that the cosmonaut Roscosmos Sergey Ryzhikov will take with him the # MKS # gospel, stone from the mountain Favor and a package from the earth. This is not a joke, and not stub.

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