Where in Russia can you already pick up the Starlink satellite Internet signal?

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As the satellite constellation of the Starlink network grows, Russians are increasingly interested in this nascent global communications operator. And while in Russia, and in principle throughout the world, except for the USA and Canada, equipment for receiving a signal is not available for purchase, it is still interesting whether the Starlink signal covers the territory of Russia, and if so, where.

Currently satellite network

And now appeared

It is thanks to this resource that you can see where in Russia now, of course, if available

Now in the signal reception area of the Starlink network, there are mainly the region along the southern border of Russia. The signal of good, stable quality would be in the regions of the South, North Caucasus, Far Eastern Federal Districts, and on Sakhalin. Most of Russia (central part, northern regions and Siberia) is still outside the signal propagation zone. There is a good signal level in Belarus, Ukraine, and other republics of the former USSR.

The main reference orbit is at an altitude of 550-555 km. As the satellite constellation increases, the signal will be available in northern latitudes. By the way, it does not yet exist in most of Canada and Alaska. But this is all over time. In the screenshot below, you can see that the beta testing area is now marked with two red lines. Starlink base stations are marked with yellow dots.

Ilon Musk really created, almost now, created

Let me remind you that Starlink satellites have a mass of 260 kg. They have 1 solar battery, 4 phased array antennas, star orientation sensors, and ion thrusters to perform space debris evasion maneuvers, and upon completion of work to de-orbit the spacecraft.

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