When will the Russian nuclear spacecraft from Roskosmos be able to compete with Elon Musk’s Starship program?

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This is definitely revolutionary work. I have never doubted the ability of our engineers to deliver the most fantastic projects.

And this is not just computer graphics, this is, as they say, a construction in hardware.

You can see more photos from the assembly shop later.

That is, our scientists and designers from

The whole set is assembled.

And, it would seem, what «BUT» could be here?

How can this structure be launched into space? What is the PH?

When and where can this be done?

Where can the interplanetary payload be docked to this structure? And we never saw the docking nodes in the developer’s video. We saw the propulsion system. But it was not made in order to «roll» itself. Right?

Most likely, an interplanetary spacecraft with this propulsion system at the base will be assembled either in the Earth’s orbit or on the Moon. And here we are thinking about the feasibility of implementing this program, especially given Mr. Rogozin’s periodic complaints about the Finance Ministry, which is sequestering the Roscosmos budget.

That is, there are a lot of questions about the implementation of this wonderful project. Questions, both technical and financial. And Roskosmos has not yet given answers to them.

And of course, some hastened to start wailing that «Ilon Ibrahimovich» (I wrote about the author of this word formation above) with his chemical Starship will certainly lose the «space race».

And the program goes on as usual, and is approaching the moment of the next important test.

Test item is being assembled in Boca Chica

Earlier test items

That is, here we see a real process and progress in the development of the Starship program. And someone, of course, will say that there is absolutely nothing fundamentally new in Starship chemical engines. And so it is. Just engineers

I wish success to our Russian space technology developers. I would like to hope that they are worthy heirs of Soviet designers — Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, Vladimir Nikolayevich Chelomey, Vladimir Fedorovich Utkin, Gleb Evgenievich Lozino-Lozinsky, and many others.

But I would like to understand exactly what kind of project they want to implement. After all, creating a propulsion system that will «roll» itself is not a plan.

And answering the question posed in the title, we can say, or assume that even when ours can put into orbit something that will be propelled by a nuclear-ion propulsion system, by this time SpaceX will most likely have something competitive … It is not without reason that Elon Musk often says that «space races» are great and correct, it pushes the development of civilization forward.

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