We consider the advantages, disadvantages and prospects of the Russian electric car Kama-1 with Iya Gordeeva

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Your opinion about the electric car «

She is one of the few professionals in the electric vehicle field in Russia, which, moreover, has been driving only an electric car for several years (of course, this is Tesla), and is developing the charging infrastructure in our country. Just the other day, her company installed several charging stations in Irkutsk, and now they are being tested in severe frost conditions.

With regard to the capacity of the market, then, first of all, it is necessary to consider the delivery segment. The car is good for transporting small orders, it can be pizza and food. For urban delivery services, this would be a good option. Yes, the car is small in terms of its internal volume, but if we compare it with the small class electric cars available today, then, as a rule, these are tricycles. So far, there is no full-fledged electric car of this class on the market right now. One could recall Renault Twizy, but it would be suitable only for warm regions, and it is smaller in volume.

If we take into account the declared cost and options for parking in large cities, especially taking into account the parking benefits, in particular in Moscow and St. Petersburg, then of course, in my opinion, this car definitely has chances for the retail segment. Cheapness to operate, and even the existing level of benefits for owners of electric cars, will play a role in the decision to purchase it. Earlier, when the Mitsubishi i MiEV appeared on the market, it is even now bought and resold (even though it is not officially supplied to Russia), since it is important to be able to find a parking space in a metropolis, and besides, it is free for electric vehicle.

And now about my personal impressions.

I liked the Kama-1. Of course, I cannot compare it to the #tesla, which I have been driving for several years. Of course, these are not comparable sensations and levels. The monitor on the steering wheel also raises some questions. Especially in terms of glare when operating in sunny weather. In the pavilion, it was difficult to assess. It is also not clear, especially considering safety issues, because all cars have a driver’s airbag in this place. This space should be free of anything that can slow down or interfere with the deployment of the pillow at the time of an accident. That is, of course, when the car goes into production, some elements presented in this concept will be modified, changed, and made differently, taking into account all safety standards. But the car is bright, memorable, and it is important that it is a full-fledged electric car, and not some unreliable intermediate structure.

Today, this electric car is perceived ambiguously by the market and the automotive community. Its parameters and construct are discussed. But you need to understand that any car in the process of development, presentation, and production sometimes undergoes quite significant changes. I think that in the end the car will be better

Iya correctly noted several critical points. I will emphasize and supplement them.





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