Volkswagen steps up efforts to transform production facilities for electric vehicles — Dresden plant next in line

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So, the words of the head of VW, Herbert Diess, do not disagree with the deeds, he does not have time to grind his teeth in the direction of competitors, he is busy with business, and acts in accordance with ancient Chinese wisdom — «

In the near future, the company plans to transform two German factories of the company, for the production of electric vehicles — the Transparent Factory in Dresden, and the company’s largest plant in Wolfsburg.

The plant in Dresden is the first to be closed for conversion. This plant was opened in 2002 and until 2016 it produced the Volkswagen #phaeton (84,235 units), and the #bentley Flying Spur (2,186 units, 2005/2006 and 2013/2014). From March 2017 to the present day, e-Golf electric cars have been leaving its workshops, of which 50,401 have been produced. And now the history of this model is completed. The last Volkswagen e-Golf rolls off the assembly line.

Further, at the beginning of January 2021, the plant will be closed for three weeks, during which all conveyor lines will be rebuilt for the production of the VW ID.3 electric vehicle. The first «Dresden» ID.3,

The Dresden Glass Manufactory will be transformed according to Industry 4.0 production standards, and will be able to start assembling new models based on the MEB electric platform, which is the same for the entire VW group, in the shortest possible time.


In the wake of the already operating electric vehicle plant in Zwickau and the January transformation of the Transparent Factory in Dresden, the turn of the plants in Brunswick, Kassel, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg will follow. Factories in these locations produce both individual components, such as electric motors or battery systems, and final assembly (like Wolfsburg). The car factories in Emden and Hannover are also planned to be transformed so that they can start electric vehicle production from 2022. That is, in 2021, Volkswagen will face a global restructuring of the entire production system.

A separate topic in this transformation is the factory complex in Wolfsburg. As conceived by the VW management, it should become the most innovative plant in the field of highly automated production of electric vehicles, competing in all its indicators with the #tesla gigafactory under construction near Berlin. Herbert Diess intends to create a production system that would take less than 10 hours to produce one car. This will be less than half the time it takes to build a VW Golf or Tiguan. Let me remind you that now the production capacity of the VW plant in Wolfsburg is

That is, as a result of the transformation of only the German factories of the VW group, the concern will be able to produce

Herbert Diess, as CEO of Volkswagen, shows himself as a person who knows how to make timely and quickly achieve urgent, vital decisions for the entire company. The full-scale transformation of Volkswagen will ensure that the company not only remains among the leaders of the global automotive industry, but it can be assumed that in a year and a half they

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