Volkswagen has come up with a new airbag for its electric vehicles

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The new and recently launched German electric vehicle has undergone a series of independent Euro NCAP crash tests to confirm active and passive safety performance in the Small Family Car class.

In addition to testing the standard set of safety systems (airbags, crush zones), the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system was tested. She has shown her reliable performance. This is a very important option, since the reaction speed of all drivers is different, and also, unfortunately, a very dangerous tendency has now begun to be observed that drivers in motion sometimes look not at the road, but at their smartphones. And here it is not far to the trouble. Such an inattentive would-be driver has a lot of «goals» — a pedestrian crossing the road, a cyclist, or a «berth» of a car that sharply brakes in front of him. By the way, no one relieves the responsibility of other road users, some kamikaze pedestrians strive to «slip between the streams». That’s where the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system comes in. And it has proven its effectiveness in Euro NCAP tests.

Another innovation in the security system

I would even call it revolutionary innovation and innovation. It prevents possible head collisions between the driver and front passenger in a side impact. It is very gratifying that the creators of # id.3 were so attentive, it would seem, to the little things. But it is this element that can preserve health for many in the future.

It is also important to note that when passing the collision tests, there were no accidents with the battery pack of the electric vehicle. But this is a «bottleneck» in the safety of lithium batteries, which, if mechanically damaged, can in some cases ignite. This did not happen in tests, which means that the battery is well protected from damage and deformation, even with strong side impacts.

By and large, electric cars are, in principle, safer than «classic» gasoline ones for a number of many factors — a low center of gravity (prevents rollover), a low location of propulsion elements (in a frontal impact, the engine will not fly into the passenger compartment), lack of liquid fuel (if suddenly a fire occurs lithium battery, it will not be instantaneous, and not volumetric — there is time to get out of the car), and of course the presence of automatic assistants, for example, as in VW ID.3 — automatic emergency braking (AEB), Lane Keeping Assistant Assist «, and the emergency braking assistant» Front Assist «.

But there is a rule that will not be canceled by any computer assistant — the main thing is who is driving!

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