Volkswagen: a tablet for fear of electromobilization

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As you remember in a recent article

There is practically no need to convince and prove anything to supporters and those who understand where the global automotive industry is developing. It’s enough just to talk about the development of the electric vehicle industry, which I have been doing for over 3.5 years. And, I express my deep gratitude and respect to my regular readers and commentators. But with skeptics and opponents, more purposeful work needs to be done. Many of them, in fact, are simply afraid of the new, not understanding its prospects and benefits for themselves. And it is this audience that pays attention to


Buyers are offered five types of hybrids at various levels. It is clear, of course, that these models will become just «moths» for a short time, but they will already show conservative motorists all the advantages of electrifying a car.

Hybrid «vaccination» with new

Among them, the two Golf eTSI models with 81 kW (110 PS) and 110 kW (150 PS) are the first Volkswagen vehicles to feature the new «soft» hybrid 48 V. They will save up to 0.4 liters. Fuel per 100 km.

EHybrid plug-in hybrid models extend the range to 870 km and 745 km (GTE). That is, along with the usual gasoline engine, these models have both an electric motor and a battery pack of one or another power (up to a maximum of 13 kW * h). But this already allows the motorist to understand that the electrification of the car is not evil, as some say, but the natural evolution of the car. The purely electric range of the most «electrified» model reaches 80 km (combined up to 870 km.), Which is quite comparable to the daily mileage of most urban motorists. And then they will definitely feel the savings in their budget on fuel.

The maximum power consumption of the Golf Hybrid is 12.4 kWh, which is

So, although I personally consider hybrids to be a dead-end branch in the development of the automotive industry, at this stage they perform their function of teaching the driver to electrified transport. And having understood and felt all the advantages of an electric drive, such a motorist will easily move to the next level — a pure electric car.

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