Through the lips of a baby she speaks the truth — Greta Thunberg urged to vote for Biden.

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Thousands of copies were broken in discussions around the Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg. Our editors also carried out «

Here’s what she tweeted: “

Just get organized and make everyone vote Biden

We have an old adage that speaks the truth through the mouth of a baby, but Greta is no longer a baby. Here another idea, which came to us from Pushkin, may come up, that the blessed can speak the whole truth in person, even to tsars —

It all started with Trump rejecting U.S. participation in the Paris climate agreement. After that, the heads of several large companies left the presidential councils (the Works Council, and the Strategy and Policy Forum), and the Governors of a number of states (now there are already 25)

Reduction of subsidies to citizens for the purchase of electric vehicles, an attempt to deprive states of the right to set emission standards from transport and industrial enterprises, an attempt to change legislation on environmental impact assessment. But all his steps not only did not achieve his desired goal, but everything turned out exactly the opposite — the growth of production and sales of electric vehicles, the expansion of the charging infrastructure, the growth of the renewable energy sector and energy storage systems, this of course increased domestic production in these sectors, and increased the number of jobs. That is, in fact, it turned out that the branches of the new «green economy», which Trump opposed, sometimes

Joe Biden proposes to transfer all government officials to # electric cars and allocate many billions of dollars to support the development of renewable energy.

Often in disputes about Greta, one of the seemingly reinforced concrete arguments against her position was the mention of her diagnosis — Asperger’s syndrome.

In its fresh


To be clear, autism is not what makes you “better” than others. And it doesn’t have to be a «condition / disorder» that will necessarily incapacitate you.

It’s just what sets you apart from others, and in a world where everyone strives to conform to the standard, being different from others is a strong point.

Boldly, defiantly. Someone will say that she is «crazy». Well, she has a certificate. Only now it is called not #blessed, but #asperger.

As for the presidential elections in the United States, I have said more than once that both elderly candidates are bad. They do not meet modern challenges; she is stuck in the confrontations of the last century. Trump, with all his decisions as President, «sawed off» the branch on which he was sitting. Biden is also that fighter for honesty and justice, remembering the scandals with his son’s business, and how he himself sat at the head in Kiev. But ordinary Americans do not remember about Kiev, but they see and understand internal politics very well. But their choice is not rich, of two grandfathers, who «suffer» definitely not by Asperger, but perhaps by something else, with another well-known surname on «A» or «P».

In any case, Trump’s balance sheet is more negative.

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