The right ICE hybrid gas-petrol from Volkswagen — the new Golf 8 TGI

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Now # electric cars and clean # energy are just beginning their long journey, and many people psychologically still cannot realize and accept this. In my publications, I constantly say, citing real facts as an example, that the # ICE age is coming to an end. It does, but it hasn’t completely happened yet. Tightening environmental standards are forcing car manufacturers to create new forms of use of internal combustion engines still in production. And here we fit the gas engines that are so mercilessly lobbied by the Russian media. Only here is the misfortune, the overwhelming part of the proposed options for gas engines, this is just a re-equipment of existing gasoline models. And this re-equipment does not at all improve the consumer qualities, at least of a passenger car. You can put a toroidal cylinder # HBO in the spare wheel niche. And where is the spare tire, in the trunk? Or fill up half of the trunk with ordinary cylinders.

The new #golf 8 tgi is, in fact, a hybrid based on a bivalent fuel basket — natural gas / petrol. That is, the standard 1.5-liter four-cylinder internal combustion engine with a capacity of 96 kW / 130 hp. can consume both gasoline and natural gas. No wonder. Only one volume of gas cylinder is enough to drive 400 km.

But the most important thing here is the hybridity of the engine (gas / petrol), and the layout of the fuel system itself.

The natural gas reservoir is integrated into the underbody, exactly where the gas tank used to be. In this configuration, the gas tank also remained, only it became much smaller, making way for a gas cylinder. The total capacity of the compressed natural gas tank is 115 liters or 17.3 kg, which makes it possible to drive about 400 kilometers on gas only, in the WLTP cycle. The gas tank is reduced by almost 5 times, compared to a conventional gasoline car. The Golf TGI is equipped with a 9 liter gas tank. In fact, this is a reserve tank in case the cylinder runs out of gas.

That is, # Volkswagen did it, although it was a hybrid, because the gasoline part was still there, but in fact it was exactly that gas engine, which at least does not cause irritation due to a decrease in the useful volume inside the luggage compartment.

But the apologists of gas engines should not be very happy. Volkswagen, in its strategic development roadmap for the concern, presented 2 years ago, wrote everything quite clearly:

On the last point, at the time of the release of this roadmap, I suggested that these could be gas-engine hybrids. And this, in principle, is confirmed by the release of the VW Golf TGI. This is exactly the movement in that direction. The crisis now going on around the world can adjust the timing and absolute indicators, but not the strategic line.

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