The one whose name cannot be pronounced, or how Musk got into Bill Gates’ ignore

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This is not about Dennitsa, and not about Navalny, although the persons who will be discussed are no less odious for some, but for others an example to follow. It’s about Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

Bill Gates in the previous six months has become almost the number one villain, a world scarecrow who wants to microchip and vaccinate everyone. Blame it all, of course

And here a black cat ran between Gates and Musk.

Back in late July, Bill Gates

At the same time, he probably was aware of

As we know, Elon is true to his word, and if he decided something, he brings the matter to a logical ending. By the way, some of them will certainly try to remember Hyperloop, they say, where is this project now. And everything is fine with the project, it continues to develop. Serious companies and investors, including Richard Branson’s company, are working on it.

Apparently all of the above upset the former Microsoft frontman so much that he developed a certain dislike for Elon that he can’t even eat … well, at least mention his name and company more.

The article

Here is what Gates wrote: “…

Have you noticed?

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