The next Starlink mission — 828 satellites in orbit

Posted by kachalo on 27 ноября, 2021 in strath | Short Link

SpaceX successfully completed another Starlink mission yesterday. Another batch of 60 Starlink satellites was launched into orbit, the Falcon 9 B1051 booster, which completed five flights, made its sixth flight from Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, and then successfully boarded the drone ship «Of course, I still love you» (OCISLY ), the ships GO Ms.Tree and GO Ms.Chief caught both halves of the nose fairing.

Just another successful mission. But if we calculate the benefit from the repeated use of the launch vehicle and nose fairings, we can understand that with each new launch, the cost of launching the next batch of satellites becomes lower and lower. When the B1051 booster was already at the launch pad, preparations for the next Falcon 9 launch had already begun at the Kennedy Space Center. And this is a record booster.

To provide uninterrupted broadband Internet access anywhere in the world, the Starlink network needs ~ 4400 satellites. And for this it is necessary to make about 60-70 more launches. How long it will take when using the Falcon 9 is easy to calculate. Weather conditions, government and commercial orders are unlikely to allow more than 20 launches per year with Starlink satellites. And that is why the work on the Starship program is so important, which in its cargo version will be able to put a stack of 400 satellites into orbit at a time. Namely, this is what Starship will do, standing on the wing, testing all systems, performing work in parallel.

Another thing that was remarkable about yesterday’s start was the number of news broadcasts on our main state radio stations that talked about this start. There was no longer any scoffing, and attempts to ridicule it. It was all strict, serious, just everyday news. Apparently, they already realized that with the policy of defamation, they ultimately ridiculed themselves.

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