The new Tesla Model 2 electric car for $ 25,000 may appear already in 2022!

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Last September at the event

According to reports from the offices of Gigafactory Shanghai, a document has been sent to the Chinese government with a production plan for the plant, which states that the company may begin production of a new model as early as next year.

Earlier there were talks that in Germany, the development of a new model for the European local market will also begin, which will be «cheaper» than Model 3. As we can see, the Chinese division of the company worked faster, and probably in a year, a truly People’s Tesla will appear on the market. Also, according to data from Shanghai, the new model will be based on

The announced price of the new model is made possible precisely because of those innovations in the manufacturing process and the battery cell that were presented at #tesla battery day. And why is this not a revolution, when innovations make it possible to create new products, while the cost is not higher, but even lower than the existing options in the class?

It is assumed that

Many of those who vehemently oppose electric mobilization constantly put forward the argument that electric cars are very expensive, they cannot be affordable for an ordinary buyer. But in fact, these words pour into the ears of overly gullible people who are too lazy to look for truthful information. And of course, misinformation peddlers are constantly citing the prices of Tesla electric cars as if there were no other automakers.

But since there are no other brands for opponents of electric vehicles, and they measure everything according to Tesla, it is very remarkable that it is Tesla who knocks out another card from their cheating pens. $ 25,000 for an EV from an industry leader isn’t just great, it’s competitive and will allow the company to find even more buyers, with all the growth implications for the company.

I will assume that Tesla Model 2, after the start of production at the Shanghai Tesla plant, will quickly move to Europe at a plant near Berlin, as soon as it is launched at full production capacity.

And that is great! This is not just great, it will be another blow to the gas-petrol-diesel lobby. Tesla’s electric car will become available to the widest circle of consumers.

It is likely that, to a large extent, it is on this news #shares

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