The geography of access to the Starlink network is expanding — the Philippines, Great Britain …

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SpaceX continues to expand its geographic reach of offering high-speed broadband internet access through its Starlink satellite network. In December, SpaceX sent out invitations to beta testing Starlink to potential customers in the UK via email.

It was reported this week that the Philippines will join the network this year. At the end of December, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the Philippines, Aquilino «Coco» Pimentel III, held an online conference with SpaceX Vice President Patricia Cooper, during which they discussed the timing of the network’s arrival in the #Philippines. The conference was attended by other representatives of the legislative branch of the island state.

In his commentary for the Philippine Metropolitan Edition

As a result of the online conference, the time of the potential systemic coverage of the Philippines with the Starlink signal, and the ability to connect to the network, were clarified. Presumably, this may be possible by the third quarter of the coming 2021.

The Greek newspaper emphasizes that most of the country remains «hostage» to outdated infrastructure and, consequently, low speeds, even in Athens. So the arrival of Starlink to the country will be a big shock for local telecommunications companies, which for many years have not bothered to update their infrastructure and raise the Internet speed above 50 Mbps in the country. This is another example of how greed and shortsightedness, and most importantly disrespect for those who pay you money, will eventually lead to bankruptcy. It is not hard to assume that many Greeks will prefer Starlink over local operators who have just been involved in collecting monthly payments.


It is already known there that the Starlink kit will cost

How much will it cost to connect to Starlink in Russia? After all, one way or another, but it will be. There is no escape from this, no prohibitions can be closed. Here everything will be decided by market mechanisms.

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