The European Commission announces new energy priorities of the European Union, and these are non-oil and gas pipelines

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Reading our materials, and analyzing them and essence, have long understood that Europe has taken a clear course to create as much as possible from third-party suppliers of its own energy system. Yes, they still buy oil and gas, but every year this volume will be reduced. Fossil raw materials will still be purchased, but will cease to wear an energy and fuel carrier function, due to the growth of the fleet of electric transport (personal, public, and commercial), and the increase in renewable generation. Oil and gas will switch to the discharge of raw materials for the chemical industry, and from the same gas you can allocate hydrogen necessary for hydrogen energy. All of the foregoing confirms the Fresh Press Release of the European Commission.

To whom it is not clear, I immediately send you to my previous articles about

Next, in the statement, the European Commission says that for the implementation of the strategy «

In priority, there must be work on creating «

Such projects will also be implemented in the Mediterranean region. All European countries for 10-15 years will be connected by power in which energy from offshore wind farms will go, from solar power plants that will be built in sugar from hydrogen generation facilities.

Some commentators call it nonsense. I call stupid an attempt to not notice the real transformations of the entire industrial and energy styles.

Here you should pay attention to the wording «

The energy policy and the European Union strategy is absolutely understandable and open. The current foreign (relative to the European Union) suppliers of fossil raw materials are perceived as necessary, but temporary «evil», evenly until they themselves can fully provide themselves with all the necessary energy capacity. The construction of large electrical highways will allow Europeans to transport electricity over long distances throughout its territory, for example, from wind farms in the North and Baltic seas to storage facilities in Scandinavia and Alps. And in parallel with these will be implemented by the strategy

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