The city of the future «THE LINE» of the NEOM project — a revolution in urban life in Arabic

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As an epigraph, I took a fragment of a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky «Garden City». Now is the time for those ideas to come true. Not everywhere, not right away, but it will be implemented. And the first place on Earth where the Garden City will be built will be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

On January 10, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Company, Prince Mohammed bin Salman presented the plan for the city of NEOM to the world.

So, in the territorial entity NEOM, located on the shores of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, on an area of 26,500 km², a city with a length of 170 km will be built, which will pass through

In essence, it will be a chain of city blocks, each of which will be a self-sufficient territorial unit in which residents will have all the necessary infrastructure for life, work and recreation. The ground level will be reserved for residential areas and recreation areas. At the 1st level, the engineering and technical elements of the city’s life support will be located, at the 12th level there will be transport corridors along which goods will be transported, naturally by electric transport, as well as public transport systems, the basis of which will be Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.

There will be no transport on the surface of the city, in our usual sense, since everything that the residents need will be located within a 5-minute accessibility. If there is any kind of transport, then most likely it will be electric vehicles for personal mobility, and probably #air taxi

A #hyperloop-based public transit network will take passengers from one «community» to another in less than 20 minutes.

The electricity required for the life of the city «Line» will be generated with the help of renewable sources — wind, solar power plants, probably, and hydrogen generators. All garbage will go to sorting and recycling, no landfills, landfills, and incinerators. Nothing should threaten the health of the townspeople.

Presenting the project, #Prince Mohammed bin Salman emphasized that the new city is the cornerstone of the strategy

These are the words of a person who looks at the root of problems, a person who is able not only to analyze, but also by a real deed striving to change the situation with a thing.


Communities will be built around nature, not on top of it and at the expense of it. NEOM creates an ecosystem of disruptive innovation, and creates opportunities to attract talent, investors and partners to become part of the new business ecosystem.

Construction of THE LINE will begin in the first quarter of 2021. It is one of the most complex infrastructure projects in the world and is part of an extensive development project already underway under the NEOM project.

I don’t know if Prince Mohammed bin Salman read Vladimir Mayakovsky, or a galaxy of wonderful Soviet science fiction writers, but the project that he presented, and which will begin to be implemented in the coming days, is what our Soviet writers have dreamed of and described. representing the communist world of the future, where man lives and works in harmony with nature.

We will follow the development of this ambitious project and wish to implement it as described in the presentation.

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