The Chinese government is increasing subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles.

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For several years, opponents of electromobility have tirelessly repeated the mantra that Tesla is a loss-making company that survives, including through subsidies from the US state budget. Now it makes no sense to persuade anyone and prove that such words were absolute nonsense. Life has put everything in its place, the company is growing, factories are being built, sales statistics take on new heights with each quarterly report. But that anti-electromobile fraternity will soon have to rewrite the training manual and start stigmatizing Tesla. According to a recently released document from the Chinese Ministry of Finance, the company will receive decent financial preferences as an electric vehicle manufacturer.

Ministry of Finance of China

And, as you might guess, Tesla will get a big chunk of that Chinese budget pie. Someone will ask, they say, how is it that Tesla is an American company? This is both true and not so at the same time. Those who followed the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai should remember that the purpose of the construction of this plant was to create an almost completely localized production in China. Which they successfully did. Now the products of the Shanghai Tesla plant are considered Chinese, and therefore have the right to preferences from the Government of the country.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has included #tesla model 3 made in China in the «Catalog of Recommended Models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles.» That is, the company’s products are officially recognized as Chinese, and, therefore, have equal rights with other Chinese automakers.

Here, as it were, you can say «check and checkmate». The company, which won the favor of the # PRC government, and got the opportunity to develop the market in China and Southeast Asia, is a very successful company, with a guaranteed multi-billion dollar profit for many years. Yes, the Chinese EV market is very competitive, but the very best remain and win. The rest will swallow the dust, trudging behind the departed train … or the caravan, whichever is more convenient.

Tesla is currently worth

The previous long-term industry leader, Japan’s Toyota, lags behind, almost doubled behind. We can say that this indicator is artificial and synthetic, but it simply speaks about who is the industry leader now, and where he is directing the entire global automotive industry.

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