The Association for the Development of Sports Electric Transport (ASET) has been established in Russia.

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On September 18th, Russia received official state registration

Even before the creation of ASET, its ideological inspirer and creator, Alexander Semyonov (Electrofest company), successfully organized and held the First Russian Festival of Electric Transport in 2019 on May 25

With the creation of #ASET, we are moving to a new level of development and popularization of electric transport as such, and sports electric transport for individual mobility in particular. Everyone is invited to participate in the Association, from individuals to organizations and companies working in the fields of electric transport and the emerging green economy. Sports competitions, exhibitions and festivals are the best place to show and tell about your successes, and show yourself on race tracks all over Russia.

We know how to do this, and we do it with pleasure.

Its creators will tell you about the principles and purposes of the ASET creation.


The creation of the Association for the Development of Sports Electric Transport is a decision, not only of the founders, but primarily of amateurs and enthusiasts of green raiding, companies and manufacturers of electric vehicles interested in the technical improvement of the characteristics of models of personal and commercial electric vehicles, as well as representatives of transport infrastructure involved in the construction of new tracks , trails, for riding on electric transport.
The main goal set by the Association for the near future is the transition from amateur and demonstration competitions to the category of regular tournaments, competitions from a club to an all-Russian format with refereeing, general regulations, rules and categories.

Specialists-experts are involved in the Association to determine the rules of the competition. Assessments and ratings of athletes and professionals and amateurs.
Growth in mobile EV sales is contributing to a shift in audience interest towards electric racing and competition, and next year will be critical in that transition.
Within the framework of the Association, it is planned to hold sports events in the formats Event, City, Sport, Travel, Adventure, in Russia and abroad. Each event will necessarily set a goal — the popularization of electric transport and the development of charging infrastructure, respect for nature and the environment.

We are waiting for new participants, new models, new ideas. The founders and members of the Association gave the command «Get Started»!

The creation of ASET is a multifaceted and multi-level work. Of course, this is attracting attention and popularizing all types of personal electric transport, through the holding of sports and exhibition and festival events. And of course, by and large, this is the popularization of the entire spectrum of electric transport, and clean types of energy (because clean transport must be «fueled» with clean energy).
Also, # racing on electric micro vehicles will bring a significant number of young people into this movement, which is important, both to attract them to an interesting business, and to develop technical skills in the independent design of racing cars of various classes. Maybe Russian will eventually appear among them # Ilon Musk

And of course, this is the creation and development of technical regulations for conducting electric races, and the creation of electric racing vehicles.

I believe that ASET has a great and interesting future.

The purpose of creating an association for the development of sports electric transport is the holding of sports events with the participation of electric transport and artificial intelligence, the development of scientific and technological progress in this area, the creation of clear regulations and rules for such events. # sport is the engine for the development of the most innovative technologies that allow people to move in space without harming the environment, with maximum speed and safety.

Within the framework of the Association, such events will be held as: sports competitions between different types and types of electric transport, transport exhibitions where a new type of transport is popularized, social and cultural events related to motor rallies, information and analytical events at which the topic of technological progress and environmental friendliness of transport will be revealed …

All events will be held according to a pre-approved scenario. The rules for each event will clearly indicate its purpose and format, from a fully exhibition standard to competitions and testing of electric vehicles.

ASET brings together different companies that are engaged in engineering, development, technical implementation, sales and testing of electric vehicles. The unification takes place with the aim of developing and understanding the technical capabilities of electric transport. The press editions of the Association will systematically cover and tell about the events held by the Association in order to popularize and access electric transport.

Sports competition in the format of races will be held by the Association for Technical Regulations, which will clearly distinguish between classifications and types of electric transport, ranging from a mono-wheel to a full-fledged electric bus.

The creation of a sports team by legal entities is regulated by the association. After submitting an official application to the association for the creation of its own sports team, the association issues the rules for the creation of the team, the required technical classification. Individuals apply to participate in a sporting event and a statement of themselves as an athlete or other classification is accepted by a standard application addressed to the association. An important aspect of the competition is safety and environmental friendliness. Part of the competition is held for one vehicle with the passage of the track at a time, which gives the maximum safety of the participants. Organizers and athletes are responsible for the safety of events.

The Association prepares an annual calendar of events for the press, indicating the formats of its holding, cities and the number of participants.

The association was created to support and popularize electric vehicles in the sports field. Now this story is just beginning, and we are at its origins. And we invite everyone to join ASET.

First of all, we will organize sports competitions for everything that has electric traction. The association will also defend the interests of electric vehicle owners at various levels. This direction is especially important for me personally and I will be glad to take an active part in it.

As the founder of the project, first of all, I will assist in the information support of everything that the association does. I am also interested in the direct organization of the competition, which I have been doing for several years now. I hope I can take them to a new level within the framework of the association and show the public what modern #electric transport is capable of. The future belongs to it.

Formally, the purpose of creating the Association is spelled out in the charter. In my opinion, the main goal is to formalize, regulate, certify and conduct all types and types of «electrical activities» and maintain a database of the results of races and competitions held throughout Russia. Also the organization of festivals, exhibitions and other events. It is important to conduct and participate in events, and develop competencies related to both events and preparation for them (assessment of the technical condition of the vehicle, preparation (certification) of tracks).

From that moment on, the Association officially invites individuals, companies and organizations to become members of the ASET. Together we will create new and develop existing racing disciplines of various types and classes, organize races, festivals and exhibitions. Promote sustainable modes of transport and energy.

We have already started.

Join us!

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