That Biden coming prepares automotive and energy sectors of the United States and how it will affect world markets

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So, the beginning of the Biden-Harris team presidency is getting closer, despite the hot «twitter war» from the go-by Donald Trump. Strange, but the theme of the confrontation of Trump and Biden is very strongly exciting the minds of our readers. And the «caravan» meanwhile goes forward. What is expected by the electric car and energy industry of the United States, and how can this affect the rest of the world, first of all in countries whose economy is tied to the sale of hydrocarbons?

It’s not worth guessing here. Biden directly and clearly announced that he would do in these areas. First of all, it will support the company producing electric transport, from passenger to freight. This support will be as indirect, through subsidies to citizens of their purchase of electric vehicles and direct, through tax breaks, and government investment on the development of production and expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Let me remind you that

All of the above measures, of course, will have a positive impact on the development of the electric car and stimulating consumers to buy electrocars. A similar level of support is expected to the renewable energy sector and energy accumulation systems.

It is indisputable that one of the reasons why the Biden team actively supports electricobilizing in the United States, not to mention the environmental aspect, this is of course the competitive struggle with China, which is already in terms of production and sales of electrocars is the world leader. This is not just words, it is a strategy of the future administration of Byyden, which direct text says that it will «use all the federal government levers so that the United States has become an international leader in the production of electric vehicles and their spare parts.» To achieve this they plan to spend

Let me remind you that in the pre-crisis 2019 in China, it was sold in the area

It is necessary to understand with full responsibility that the electric cats of two giants, the USA and China, and the European Union can be added here and the European Union, as the «younger» fighter, will lead only to one — the elevation in the next 2021 will be released on the levels that did not think Even the most courageous analysts. The policy of the management of these parties will facilitate the growth of production and the sale of electrocars for orders, and not percentage. And in the second half of the 20s, the budgets of countries whose economy hangs almost exclusively on the sale of hydrocarbons, and dare, and are noticeable. These are realities of life. The only thing that can be replaced by the falling oil revenues is the growth of generation of net electricity and its export, as well as the production of hydrogen fuel production. There will be no other way.

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