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In previous decades, starting in the second half of the 20th century, the mass auto industry practically deprived automobile brands of individual design. Year after year, the cars became more and more similar to each other, and it got to the point that you simply cannot distinguish some from the outside without looking at the logo plate. Perhaps this is correct, because the car is now not a luxury for most consumers, but a means of transportation and a means of earning money. There is no time for design delights here. Here the main indicator is reliability and efficiency. Still, we must remember that once cars were not just transport, but also a way of expressing the individuality of company designers. And then, and now there are cars «

Renowned Spanish car brand revived last year in Barcelona

There was no point in making an ordinary electric car, there is Tesla, there is Volkswagen, and dozens of other companies producing electric vehicles. It was necessary to do something special that would match the name of the brand and its history. And the Carmen hypercar was built.

hispano suiza Carmen is not just another electric sports hypercar, it is literally a work of art in the Hyperlux class. Exterior design inspired by Hispano Suiza

Custom-made electric propulsion system with two electric motors at the heart

Well, what is called

Not surprisingly, each machine takes nine to twelve months to produce.

Of course, there is as much hi-tech in this car as is necessary for a modern electric hypercar. But, of course, these are cars with a memorable personality.

Almost a month ago, on September 21st, Hispano Suiza Carmen took part in the Supercars Owners Circle supercars event, leading up to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Nearby at the start and then on the track were cars with the legendary names #mclaren Senna GTR LM, #pagani Zonda LM, Pagani Huayra BC, #koenigsegg One: 1, #ferrari Enzo Argento Nurburgring and Lexus LFA.

I am asking a rhetorical question. Will some Russian billionaire have a desire to recreate the Russo-Balt brand? Only, please, without the «creator» of the Yo-mobile, so that everything is not covered with the letter «E» or «F».

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