Starship 1.0 — ready for first flight

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At the cosmodrome

As for the seams, Elon Musk on his Twitter paid attention to this issue, writing that a technological process is being developed now, which will have to make them not only reliable, but also aesthetically beautiful, that is, almost invisible.

In parallel with the installation of the #starship bow, at least one #raptor engine was replaced. Probably, there were questions about it on the result of static burning.

The exact date of the 15 km test jump has not yet been announced, but we are getting closer to this significant event.


Boca Chica is not just a #spasex spaceport under construction, it is a production complex under construction for assembling future #super heavy launch vehicles and Starship ships.

Now at one of the sites, the construction of a launch complex for the Super Heavy-Starship system is underway, and in one of the workshops, a test sample of the lunar version of Starship is being assembled, without the aerodynamic rudders and additional heat-shielding cover that the «Martian version» of the ship has.

The work is not just going on, it is in full swing. The creation of Starship is also important for the development of the #starlink network, since the cargo version of Starship will be able to launch a batch of 400 communication satellites into orbit at a time.

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