Starlink’s real future competitor is Amazon’s Kuiper project

Posted by kachalo on 26 ноября, 2021 in contradictive | Short Link

This year, all of us, who were surprised, some with admiration, and some, gritting our teeth, watched the progress in the development of Elon Musk’s Starlink project. In one year, SpaceX managed not only to create a satellite constellation sufficient to start the stage of commercial beta testing of the satellite Internet system, but also to submit applications and obtain permits for using its network in the United States (which goes without saying), as well as in Canada, Australia. India, Greece,

Observing the projects of Jeff Bezos, it seems that he has set himself the task of competing with Elon Musk in all areas in which he is engaged. In the EV field, Amazon is entering as an institutional investor in large EV projects. Here, Bezos’ company became an investor in the #rivian electromobility company. In space, Bezos created the #blue origin company, which develops reusable New Shepard and New Glenn launch vehicles, its own BE-3 (hydrogen / oxygen), BE-4 (oxygen / methane) engines, and the BE-7 engine for the lunar lander. The company has its own spaceport in Texas. And of course, which was absolutely natural and understandable, from all of the above, this race did not bypass the satellite Internet.

The Kuiper project started in 2019 with the creation of an Amazon subsidiary, Kuiper Systems LLC. Its goal is similar to Starlink #spacex, namely the deployment of a large constellation of satellites to provide broadband satellite Internet access. Jeff Bezos’ company received permission from the US Federal Communications Commission to place a constellation of 3,236 satellites in orbit. The satellites will be located in three orbits — 590, 610 and 630 km. They will transmit a signal in the Ka-band (26.5 to 40 GHz), and are expected to provide a connection at speeds of about 400 Mbps. A user terminal has already been created with a diameter of a receiving-transmitting «dish» of 30 cm. It is made, most likely, using the same technology as the #stalink equipment, namely a phased array antenna. So, the technology, which five years ago was considered only and exclusively for military purposes, is included in ordinary civilian use.

Investments in the Kuiper project will amount to $ 10 billion. The Project Kuiper constellation won’t be as fast as Starlink. It is assumed that half of the declared number of the entire group will be withdrawn by various carriers until 2026.

Well, given that Amazon’s market capitalization is now $ 1.608 trillion, we can confidently say that Bezos has enough financial resources to compete with Elon Musk, and, consequently, opportunities to attract people with the necessary knowledge and competencies to his projects …

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