Starlink’s expansion in Europe continues.

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The German Federal Network Agency provided


Previously, in addition to working in the US and Canada, Starlink has also requested permits in Australia, India, and Greece. We can already say with good reason that Starlink is becoming a global telecom operator, spreading its network throughout the planet. What this means, I think, it is not necessary to explain for a long time. In a year, the company will be able to reach multibillion-dollar profits, which will give

Currently, just under 1,000 Starlink satellites are in orbit, and the overwhelming majority of them were launched this year alone, with the launches of 14 batches of satellites. Given that SpaceX has received a launch pad for use on the west coast of the United States, and a statement about a possible doubling of the number of launches within a year (with the help of Falcon 9, while Starship has not yet been commissioned), it can be assumed that in a year the number of working satellites of the network will be in the region of 3000. This means greater coverage, higher signal quality, and, accordingly, an ever-growing number of subscribers in most countries around the world. Upon completion of the construction of the network, 12,000 satellites will have to work in it.

Of course, Starlink will not be a monopoly in this area. This week, #roscosmos launched another batch of satellites from the British OneWeb network into orbit, and we know about the development of the Russian Sphere network. There will of course be competition here. But the clear leader has already been identified, and this is Starlink.

By the way, here the joy of the head of Roscosmos about the withdrawal of OneWeb satellites is not very clear. Yes, this is a well-executed commercial satellite launch order. I do not argue. Moreover, this order was fulfilled due to the fact that the bankrupt #oneweb was bought out and saved

As for the disputes about whether or not the operation of the network on the territory of Russia will be allowed, then everything will be determined by market mechanisms. If the creators of the #sphere network want to enter the international market, and get the opportunity for its work around the world, then competitors will have to be allowed to work on their territory.

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