Starlink a stepping stone to the creation of the SolNet interplanetary information system

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President and Chief Operating Officer, SpaceX

Now the deployment of the Starlink satellite Internet network is almost only at the initial stage. Moreover, there are already 888 satellites in orbit (this is an approximate number), and this is already the largest satellite constellation ever created. As the network is built, Starlink will become the world’s largest communications provider capable of providing communications and Internet access anywhere in the world, of course using SpaceX’s transmit and receive equipment. These terminals and the system are currently in beta testing. And even now, when the orbital constellation is less than 1/10 of the planned number, it shows very good results in signal reception and transmission.

When the #starlink network is put into operation, and the provision of Internet services by it becomes a commercial activity, then in addition to the influx of money from the subscription fee, Starlink will enter

Mars will also need its own communication system, covering the entire planet, as well as reliable and fast communication between Mars and Earth.

Gwynne Shotwell, «

Elon Musk also said at the Mars Society event that it is possible to create a variant of the Starlink network on Mars, “…

Shotwell also shares Elon’s opinion, “…

Elon Musk wants to create more than just a self-sustaining settlement on Mars by 2050. SpaceX works around the clock for this purpose, creating Starship, developing new technologies, materials, communication systems. Everything so that you can not only fly to Mars, but also live there.

And this is not just a gigantic job, this is # a dream job, a job to make the dreams of generations of physicists, astronomers, science fiction writers and cosmist philosophers, for example, Tsiolkovsky, come true.

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