Spacex begins to implement space tourism program

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After the successful completion of the first mission

After completing the first manned mission on the Crew Dragon multi-volume ship, and since NASA orders Spacex for subsequent flights to the ISS new ships, the firstborn «Dragon Endeavour» will most likely be used by the company to make commercial flight tourist travelers.

A successful mission marked the beginning of a new era in the American man flying into space. Spacex demonstrated the reliability of its spacecraft and rocket to safely perform piloted flights into space.

After returning the historical mission «Dragon Endeavour», President Spacex and chief operating officer



Now two cosmic tourism agencies have announced their partnership with Spacex on the launch of private individuals on board Crew Dragon. And here arises, by the way, a disappointing question — what will they say to this Roscosmos and Rogozin? The private company Ilona Mask already «plucked» them, filming the lion’s share of commercial launches, now selects the Space Tourism Sector, well, and before heap, which is called the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, still sequested the budget of Roscosmos. It seems that all the bravurous statements of Dmitry Olegovich will remain just words. And believe me, there is neither a drop of gloating, it is really sad and ashamed for a former once cosmic power number 1.


Presumably this tourist mission will last 5 days, and the height of the flight orbits will be from 804 to 1367 km, which, as you understand, significantly higher orbits

The second tourist space agency has become the company

Tourist place on

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