Sony continues work on the VISION-S electric vehicle.

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Major manufacturers of smartphones and other electronics, Sony and

But for the Japanese it is somewhat surprising. Well, maybe Sony took this step,

Now Sony not only confirms the continuation of work on its electric car, but says that the project is reaching a new level — full-scale road tests of VISION-S have begun. What was announced on January 11 at the #ces 2021 exhibition

However, why Sony decided to create the VISION-S remains a mystery. Is the Japanese company just flexing its muscles by showing everyone how easy it will be for it to enter the EV market, or is it using the car as a platform to showcase other technologies? There is no exact answer to these questions yet. What is there?

The on-road test of the Sony VISION-S EV, which has begun, shows an advanced stage of development. The prototype is currently undergoing a series of winter tests in Austria, near Graz. It is clear that the crisis of last year could have stalled some of the work, and therefore real tests began only a year after the official presentation of the concept.

This is all the information that is indicated on the site. More information can be found in the fresh presentation video. In particular, the fact that in the work on the car continues to take an active part

Sony VISION-S could well compete for a place in the market with #tesla products, or even #porsche taycan and #audi e-tron GT. Considering the name and reputation of the creator of the electric car, many would buy it, trusting the reliability and quality of Sony products. How serious are Sony’s intentions to launch their electric car into production, we will find out at some point. I think we won’t have to wait long, because now everything in this sector is developing at an incredible speed. The alliance of #magna steyr and Sony, and let’s add #fisker here, may well lead to the emergence of another strong player on the electric vehicle market with all the necessary skills and resources — a production base, design and development, electronics and software.

Jumping into the auto industry isn’t a decision that a company takes lightly, even if it’s the size of Sony Corporation. Therefore, I believe that work on VISION-S should be taken seriously.

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