Serial 1 electric bike — a return to the origins of Harley-Davidson

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It was the words from the composition Enigma — «Return To Innocence» that instantly came to mind as soon as the announcement of Harley-Davidson appeared. After all, what was, in fact, the first motorcycle by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, created in 1903? It was a motorized bike. And in the announcement video, the company absolutely emphasizes this.

Harley-Davidson will produce electric bicycles under the Serial 1 brand. This is not the first announcement by the company about entering this segment. Over a year ago,

Then, a year ago, it was an application for the company to participate in the booming electric bike sector. But it is not enough to buy an existing manufacturer and put up your own label. The product needs to be consistent with the style and name of Harley-Davidson. And all this time they have been developing a line of electric bicycles that are not ashamed to give the legendary name.

The first #serial 1 Cycle product line will be available first in the US market and in the spring of 2021 in Europe. In connection with the well-known crisis, it is expected that the segment of electric bicycles will not only expand, but jump up at times, as in many countries people have come to understand that weakened health, a drop in immunity, and exposure to various kinds of attacks are directly related to pollution. air. This is the simplest logical chain that will ultimately lead to an explosive growth in the e-bike market and the entire sector of personal e-mobility.

For example, Dutch

This Serial 1 e-bike is completely inspired by the first Harley-Davidson motorized bicycles. Absolutely vintage style — frame contours, saddle, handlebars, and of course tires that exactly copy the «progenitor». Moreover, this is a real modern electric bike. Everything that could be hidden and removed from view is removed — battery cells, an electric motor.

The most striking technical detail here is the drive. This is not a classic chain, or a belt that is currently fashionable. The Serial 1 e-bike is driven by a toothed belt. A kind of symbiosis of the two options that I just mentioned. And next to the belt, on the frame, you can see the inscription «Powered by Harley-Davidson».

The sub-brand name «Serial 1 Cycle Company» comes from «Serial Number One», the name of the oldest Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Full and accurate technical specifications of electric bicycles from the Harley-Davidson sub-brand are not yet available. They will likely appear when the countdown on the Serial 1 Cycle Company website clears and the first bikes will be available for purchase. And it will happen on November 16, 2020. We are waiting …

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