Roscosmos and SpaceX — Two Worlds — Two Shapiro.

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Reading our news sometimes you are amazed, and it seems that on planet Earth there are not just two different civilizations, but two worlds living in different times, and professing diametrically opposite ideas about the world and its future. As they say — «Two worlds — two Shapiro». Roskosmos and #spacex have become real antagonists for some time. Although, here, most likely it is necessary to talk not specifically about SpaceX, but in general about the whole complex of Elon Musk’s projects. So it would be more accurate to talk about Roscosmos and Elon Musk. And now the Russian news feed has presented a new reason for comparison.

We all know that with his projects, in particular through #tesla, Elon Musk develops renewable energy, producing «solar roofs», and SNE — energy storage devices for private houses and generating capacities of solar and wind energy.

And, seemingly, taking into account that

Or maybe it turned out to be such a partner of Roscosmos

Maybe I looked bad? I don’t think … Why am I?

And to the fact that according to

Oops! And why does Roscosmos need equipment for shale oil production, especially by hydraulic fracturing (hydraulic fracturing)?

How so? I remember that for many years we were told that the technology of hydraulic fracturing (hydraulic fracturing) is not only not environmentally friendly, but even barbaric in relation to nature and man.

So what is it, in the United States it is barbaric to extract shale oil, but in our country it has become quite normal in just one year?

Someone, probably, leafing through new templates, will say, as they say in Odessa — «These are two big differences.» Oh really?!

Is it really the technology of hydraulic fracturing (hydraulic fracturing) in just one year that passed from the barbaric to the category of «advanced technologies in the energy potential ”and“ master advanced technologies in the energy sector ”?

This is also surprising, not only because a year ago Putin said that Russia does not need to “increase supply on the world market”, but also because in reality, by the time specified in the document, namely “… prepare up to 31 December 2023, the capacity for mass production of the product … ”, it will become absolutely obvious that the global transport sector will pass the point of no return, and will clearly take the path of eliminating the use of fossil fuels. Why then apply hydraulic fracturing, and where?

Then I drew attention to

Roman Abramovich’s son Arkady is increasing the resource base for his oil business in the Saratov Region by purchasing local blocks from Leonid Shneiderman’s Korsarneft. The entrepreneur acquired 100% in the companies Artamira, Engels-Nafta, Saratovgeoneft, Neftepoisk and Chalyk-Nafta. The repurchased companies hold licenses for oil fields in the Saratov region …

Hmm, that’s interesting …

In any case, whatever decisions are now taken, they will eventually be corrected or even canceled due to changes in the global situation in the commodity markets, as well as in the transport and energy sectors. Changes in domestic and foreign policy will also have a great impact. It is necessary that conversations about the environment and care for the health of citizens be supported by real deeds, and the use of hydraulic fracturing is unlikely to contribute to this.

Of course, I would like to hear explanations of why this is generally needed and entrusted to Roscosmos, how the Russian hydraulic fracturing technology will differ from the American one, and why it was needed at all, taking into account the statements of V. Putin last year at the VTB Capital forum.

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