Rolled lawns in the city — how environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing is it?

Posted by kachalo on 26 ноября, 2021 in strath | Short Link

Recently, it has become fashionable in the city to rip off the natural top layer of turf with a lawn, and roll up (in the literal sense of the word) «the vacant space with rolled lawns. At first, it looks as if it looks beautiful in the end, but all the fun begins later.»

By the way, this artificial #beauty is also highly questionable. On this lawn, the eye has nothing to catch on, neither you clover, dandelion. And this is definitely not the Russian # style, it is definitely not a part of the Russian field with herbs. For me personally, the only place for such formats of «improvement» can be on a football field, tennis court, or other sports ground.

And the problems that I wrote about above appear rather quickly. As a rule, after rolling these lawns, they are not watered, and given the basis on which they are created, all this turns into a desert landscape with withered grass. But not only that, if trees and shrubs located in the same space are covered with these lawns, then in the end they also get it. How? Listen to Galina. She herself, with her own hand, planted and grew dozens, if not hundreds, of trees in the #zhulebino area. But after last year’s rage of «improvement» and rolling everything and everyone into rolled lawns, her pets started having problems …

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