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The projection display is gaining popularity and auto producers, and motorists. Its task is understood from the very definition itself, it projects the selected data set on the windshield, which allows you to track the important parameters of the car, or navigation data, without opening the view from the road. Otherwise, you have to translate a look at the dashboard or the media display. And these seconds of paying attention can sometimes be crucial for safety, because on the road, in motion, events can develop very rapidly. And so in Faraday Future decided to create the best projection display in the world (HUD). And the automobile transport this system came from aviation, and General Motors was applied for the first time in 1988.

Faraday Future has improved the projection system consisting of mirrors and lenses that focus the image on the windshield. The problem that was decided in FF was that the weak point of all previous systems was that with some modes reading information on HUD becomes difficult. This is how they speak FF, «the problem is that the visible light is polarized under the same angle as the usual polarized sunglasses, which makes reading HUD difficult, or even impossible for viewing in some situations.»

To solve the problem, a new DLP technology was implemented (Digital Light Processing — Digital Light Processing). Instead of using the polarizer structure, which acts as a flap for passing light, DLP uses very tiny mirrors to direct light in the PGU (image generator block). Each mirror acts as a pixel, and red, green and blue LEDs are used as a light source. These millions of tiny mirrors, switching, create the desired image. As a result, an image is created that will be visible in any weather, with any corner of the fall outside, be it sunlight, light from the lighting mast, or the light from the counter car. Also, this HUD image will be easy to read if the driver is in sunglasses, or glasses for vision correction.

HUD FF 91 may display speed information, drive operation, charge state, navigation. In principle, the driver himself will have the ability to configure the system, and choose which data of the main displays will be duplicated on HUD. All this should improve safety, as the driver will be less distracted from the road.

By the way, pay attention to the photo #FF 91, represented by Faraday Future — on the center console, on the multicoral, on the block of door touchpad switches with mini displays, and of course HUD itself. It looks really fantastic. It remains to hope that FF will still bring the case to mass production.

This allows you to hope that the test vehicles continue to collect test cars at the site. For example, on Twitters below, we see the «marriage» of the car body, with the main component of any electrocarbon — a platform consisting of a battery pack and an electrotransmission.

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