Reusable rocket carriers in Russia will be.

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In early October last year, Roskosmos announced the start of work on a reusable launch vehicle «Amur». Already much since that time it is said that «Cupid» almost exactly repeats the landing and landing scheme, already spent Spacex on the Falcon9 pH. But this is not the most interesting.

The author of the development and patent was Saveliev Boris Ivanovich. In 2012, they were

So, despite all the conversations in the Russian information field about the «hopelessness» of a multi-track scheme for rocket carriers, we see that this question has been worked out for a long time, remember at least the project # Baikal, but for some reason it has not yet been implemented. It was possible that it was believed that collecting disposable rockets is more cost-effective to manufacturers themselves, loading their capacity. It did not take into account that the reusability reduces the cost of outputting the payload with each subsequent launch. But Spacex, and then Rocket Lab, and soon Blue Origin, show that it is the reusability of rocket carriers that is the future of cosmonautics, both commercial and scientific.
Ilon correctly said that to do one-time missiles, it is the same nonsense as if you used disposable cars or aircraft.

As we see, the patent, which was mentioned above, remained not in demand in Russia to the present. I suppose that

Our engineers are able to develop systems not only at the level of the same #Spacex, but even better. Recall that Soviet # Buran was significantly better than its American fellow. The problem in the speed of introducing new developments, in the cosiness of the thinking of those who set the «steering» by this area, in the «badness» of state-owned companies. I don’t even want to talk about other aspects, although we can periodically learn about them from the information reports of the Investigative Committee, and the prosecutor’s office — «cases» on the «Eastern», according to «Khrunichev», according to Energy. And this also contributes its significant contribution to the braking of development.

So it remains to follow the development of reusable technologies from Spacex, Rocket Lab, Blue Origin, and the Chinese.

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