Reevo Hubless electric miracle bike without hubs and spokes has found recognition and investors

Posted by kachalo on 27 ноября, 2021 in circumlocutional | Short Link

Remember the #reevo Hubless electric bike prototype from a Delaware startup

And this is not surprising, because before no one dared to apply this technology in bicycles, bringing the project to the production stage. Yes, someone even remembered that in # the USSR, in the distant

The Reevo Bikes startup team launched a crowdfunding program on Indiegogo to test people’s interest in their project, and to try to raise money to launch a futuristic miracle bike into production.

And what was the result, you ask?

And the result was amazing! Few startups trying to get the resources to implement their projects on crowdfunding platforms are successful. And the Delaware team did. The idea impressed and captured people so much that #the startup was able to collect in four months

Undoubtedly, the most striking aspect of the Reebo Hubless E-Bike is, of course, the hubless and spokeless wheels. The outer rim of the wheel with the tire rotates around the inner rim, between which there are bearings. Also on the inner rim are the front and rear LED optics. Well, in the space where the spokes were previously located on classic bicycles, you can now hang a load, for example, a backpack.


And by the way, if anyone else had doubts about the strength of the structure, then just watch the video below. Not every # bike can handle this!

Well, we will continue to monitor the project and wait for production to begin to see tests of the Reebo Hubless E-Bike from buyers.

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