Recycling of solar panels is a promising direction for small and medium-sized businesses in the near future

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that everything produced by humanity is rubbish. More precisely, everything eventually turns into trash. Well, just now, except for the Egyptian and Indian pyramids, which stand for millennia, as well as spiritual values, art, and scientific works. And descending from the heights of the «eternal» pyramids, we find «pyramids» and mountains of garbage dumps, for this it is enough to drive, for example, in the nearest Moscow region. So the issue of waste recycling is one of the most urgent, and, of course, it does not bypass the new branches of energy and transport.


Considering this topic, let’s take France as an example.
In France, the recycling rate of solar panels has been brought to 94.7%, and the remaining percentage will also find its application.

This topic is being dealt with by the EU non-profit organization for the recycling of solar panels.

Since the inception of PV Cycle, and cooperation with Veolia, in France, it has been collected and sent for recycling

Also, according to the data of pan-European statistics, at the beginning of 2019 all over Europe was collected for processing


At present, this area practically does not attract business, since the volumes in this area are still very, very insignificant. But we must think for the future, right now. And the prospect and benefits are absolutely obvious here. In about 10-15 years, the volume of PV panels recycled will become economically interesting. And whoever enters this area earlier, and works out all the necessary # technologies, will benefit.

Now most of the world’s solar cell manufacturers are working to create 100% recyclable cells and panels.

A report released by the International Energy Agency for its PV Power Systems Program in January 2018, «Managing PV Panels Lifetime: Trends in PV Module Recycling Technologies,» says 178 patents have been filed for PV module recycling technologies. Of these, 128 are focused on crystalline silicon (c-Si), and another 44 are for complex technologies, including thin-film modules. A significant proportion of these patents are registered in China, Korea and Japan.

There is a fair and classic formula — «Who wants — seeks opportunities, who does not want — seeks excuses.» This is absolutely suitable for the recycling of both solar cells and electromobility (and not only) batteries. Already, there are technologies that make it possible to largely recycle all the components on which the renewable energy and electric transport industries are built. Only those who want to deceive people, forcing them to live in the past, in the world of smoke and burning, do not see this, and do not speak about it. But the truth, like a ray of the Sun, pierces its way through any obstacles and clouds.

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