Reasons for Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential election, which experts and political scientists prefer not to talk about

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Although the political confrontation in the United States has not yet ended, and even the official Kremlin has not congratulated Joseph Biden on his victory in the presidential election in the United States, waiting for the end of the recount and the announcement of the official results, it can be said with almost 100% certainty that Donald Trump lost, and the next Biden will become the president of the United States.
Trump, of course, pretended to resist, but this is more in order to save face and the status of a political fighter than a real attempt to retain his seat in the White House. And today it was reported that Trump has instructed his administration to begin the procedures for transferring cases to the new Biden administration. So already here you can put an end. And now is the time to summarize and analyze what happened.

Enough time has passed since the election day in the United States, and it is already possible to draw conclusions. Although, of course, I do not claim the laurels of «Nostradamus», but I want to say, and remind some regular readers that I followed Trump’s policies since his arrival in the White House, and by the end of summer 2017 it became clear that a second presidential term does not shine for him. Each article (which I will recall) about his policy said that it was not a far-sighted politician who had an idea of ​​the country’s development, with planning horizons of at least decades, but a banal small-town businessman who came to Washington. A man who only cares about the here and now, who easily follows the lead of the lobbyists, and at the same time he hides behind the cheapest populism. Yes, businessmen are different, there are those who look to the future, now creating the foundation and preconditions for innovative development. And there are banal snatchers who need to hit the jackpot today. A good jackpot to have enough for children and grandchildren, and a loyal servant. But these are people without strategic thinking. As S. Dorenko called such in his time «deactualized …», then followed the jargon, which is better not to use. And therefore, such politicians lose, and quickly leave the scene. Yes, Donald Trump was deactivated, did not meet the challenges of the time, and therefore he lost and was thrown off the political Olympus.

Now many political scientists, making an alleged analysis of the past American elections, and based on Trump’s tweets, like to talk about election fraud, fake mail voting, dead souls, and the role of the devil-like Soros. Her God, this is ridiculous. No, not because all of this was not. In all likelihood, all this could have happened. But is this news to the Americans themselves?

Let me remind you of an episode from an American feature film

Watching a fragment from the movie «Kansas City» >>>

So, we realized that all the so-called dirty electoral technologies are far from news. All this was a long time ago, and all this is repeated from time to time in any country, in any election. It must be understood that those who go to power, especially to such high posts (now we are talking about the United States) are far from naive and fluffy cats, they are business and political sharks, and they know the rules of the game very well. And given the archaic nature of the US electoral system (not direct elections, but the election of an electoral college from each state), candidates must be hundredfold prepared for all its features, explicit and hidden. Here, by the way, we can recall the rather shameful episode of the recount in Florida following the results of the Bush presidential race. Jr. — Albert Gore. Fortunately, then the governor of Florida was the younger brother of D. Bush Jr. Jeb Bush. So there is no point in waving your fists after a fight. But what exactly makes sense is to understand the reasons for Trump’s defeat. And they actually showed up in the first half of 2017.

The Trump presidency came at a watershed moment in human history. This is not a loud empty phrase. This is a fact of the technological development of civilization. Now we are in the stage of growth of the 6th technological order, the factors of which are the so-called «energy transition» — the transition in the energy sector from the use of coal and oil products to renewable energy, hydrogen, in the future to a controlled thermonuclear reaction, also important elements are nano and biotechnology, new types of transport (electric vehicles and hydrogen transport) and communications (for example, the Starlink satellite network), a sharp decrease in energy and material consumption of production, the creation of recycling processes, close attention to ecology and human health (especially against the background of the 2020 crisis, one the reasons for which was just the ecology of megacities, which undermined human immunity, which led to those statistical reports that are announced every day and hour in all the media). These were just general features of the new technological order, and every sane politician should now understand this and lead a policy that meets modern realities.

And so, Donald Trump, having won the 2016 elections, under quite understandable slogans, including the return of production of American companies from the countries of Southeast Asia (mainly from China) back to the United States, without understanding the most important thing — production can be returned, and this is good (for the USA), but the production itself will be different. By the way, the word «Winning» could well be put in quotation marks, because then in fact he lost to Hillary Clinton in terms of the absolute number of votes —

Then Trump was well voted for in the so-called «rusty belt» of the country (Michigan, Wisconsin), where many car imports were closed, leaving hundreds of thousands of people unemployed, and with families it is already millions. Also then, there were such key states for him that he lost in 2020 — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona. He lost even in conservative Texas, where in 2016 his lead over Clinton was 9%, and four years later he overtook Biden there by only 5.5%. Total, in absolute terms, in 2020 it turned out


And, of course, I didn’t. Trump initially positioned himself as a counterweight to the development of the electric vehicle industry, and renewable energy. I do not know if Trump sang here from his own voice, but what exactly, next to him were seen

And it was this Alliance, in my personal opinion, that became the «stone» that Trump stumbled over. Political affiliation is one thing, but it is important to look to the future and respond to the needs of citizens, not lobbyists from a passing era. By the way, our Russian media all the past three and a half years after the creation of the Climate Alliance, the United States persistently wished not to notice, and did not say anything about this structure. Although this is understandable. If you remember, in all our mainstream media there was a counter-propaganda of electric vehicles and renewable energy. It is still walking, only it has faded considerably.


In late 2018, when General Motors unveiled its new EV development strategy, he erupted in an angry tirade against Mary Bar (head of GM), tweeting that she

Now, despite all Trump’s opposition to this process, new electromobility and battery plants are being built in the United States, giving a total of hundreds of thousands of new jobs — Tesla, GM, Rivian, Lucid, Nikola, and dozens of other companies … the number of employed themselves, then their families.

Speaking like this, he could not understand that he was opposed to his fellow citizens who found themselves a job in these industries?

People remember such neglect for a long time.

As a result, Trump himself became a political corpse. It is noteworthy that, for example,

We can continue to give examples of Donald Trump’s inadequacy to the ongoing changes in technology and in the minds of people. People want to live in a clean, safe environment for them and their descendants. And for this, people change transport technologies, energy, create new ones. Trump turned out to be not just inadequate for the time, he actively, with his decisions and words, turned these people into his opponents, and there are already millions of them. I once wrote that the electromobility sector and renewable energy are becoming a political factor. And these elections in the United States have clearly confirmed this.

The new Biden-Harris administration will pursue a diametrically opposite policy in this area. It is stated that subsidies to citizens for the purchase of electric vehicles will be increased, as well as new tax incentives will be introduced to stimulate the transition to a transmission-free vehicle. Support for the renewable energy industry will also be increased. The United States clearly does not want to give primacy in these matters to China, Europe, and even more so to India. Well, our Russian politicians should think about it. There is something …


And by the way, I’m not saying at all that Biden and his team are a good choice. Against. This is exactly the case when «changed the awl for soap.» It’s good about it

Elon Musk

Is there a better choice in the US right now?

In my opinion, there is. This is the congresswoman from New York

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