Premiere Renault Twingo Electric, the best electric car for girls, and for a small town

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In the framework of the ongoing week Premier #RenaulteWays French automaker

Model #twingo, more than gasoline naturally appeared in the model range # Renault in 1992. Over the past years, three generations of this urban microbe changed, it was sold in 25 world countries nearly four million pieces. That is, such a car has its own steady niche, and it is quite natural that it becomes electric on the new turn.

twingo Electric is built at the same base as the Bestseller Zoe, and in the cabin there are many familiar controls on familiar places. In the past presentation Dacia Spring Electric Some surprised

I also consider this port location is not too reasonable. In Twingo Electric, everything is classically, charging is in place, where there used to be a bay tank neck. Although, can enter anywhere. And because of this, you should not charge to the roof, and put pantographs. )))

Completely understandable, in size, in the range that Twingo Electric is an exclusively urban electric car, well, the maximum to the neighboring cottages. But this is if we talk about megalopolises, such as Moscow, or Peter.

If this is a small regional or district city, then of course there will be much more applications. And just in small cities can manifest all the qualities of this electric car. Thanks to the battery 22 kWh * h (max. Capacity), on Twingo Electric you can move around the settlement from half ateen to the week, on one battery charging. And his flexible recharging system will allow you to charge this electric car almost anywhere, from any outlet.

This is not an electrocarcar head of the family, or an avid dacket. He would be a good first-class car for a student, most likely he would like more girls — a small, cozy, with a fun design. It will also suit those whose ordinary day traffic does not go beyond the routes of the house-office, or in the area of kindergarten, school, store.

This is an electric car without complaints about something more than just getting from point A to the point b, and throw a couple of three packages (not plastic, we have an ecological consciousness) with products in a salon or trunk.

Looking at Twingo Electric, I really find him a lot of application options. And of course in small cities, his potential will reveal stronger.

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