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Criminals and law enforcement officers are eternal antagonists. And it’s no secret that criminal elements almost always go one step ahead. In the sense that they are the first to start using the achievements of science and technology for their illegal purposes. Twenty years ago, the concept of cybercrime practically did not exist, and now this concept is no longer surprising. And accordingly, departments for combating crimes in the digital sphere appeared in the police and other law enforcement agencies. The same is happening in the new electric micromobility segment.

For several years in the United States, police officers from many cities have used #segway on patrolling, but when its production was discontinued, the question arose of how to replace it. Well, it is clear that not every offender or bully can be chased by a helicopter, patrol car or motorcycle. This is not always optimal for the implementation of the task at hand. And there are times when it is necessary and more convenient to use transport, which we now rank as a segment of electric micromobility, than Segway used to be. And a replacement was found, more convenient, stable and faster.

Three-wheeled #electric scooters of the American company became the replacement for the Segway

Let me give you one example from my own experience, from the second half of the 90s. Then there were no mobile phones, and even less electric vehicles of micromobility. In our yard, they began, almost every night, to clean the cars — they smashed the side windows, and pulled out everything that could be taken away, the most popular «catch» then was the removable panel of the radio tape recorders. This has not passed my car either. Then I decided to keep an eye on the intruder. He appeared in the morning, at five o’clock in the morning. I rode a bicycle and shone a flashlight into the windows of cars. I immediately dialed the number of our local department, then still the police, since it is located literally some 400-500 meters from our yard. The call was immediately accepted, fortunately, having agreed in advance, they immediately understood the essence of the matter, what and where, and said to conduct them by phone. A patrol went to the call in a UAZ, on an old «goat». And how can you guess right away that it can be heard a mile away at five in the morning. Therefore, the thief immediately cleared out what was the matter, and began to leave on his bicycle through the courtyards. The patrol tried to catch up with him along the courtyards, but this round was not behind them. A little later he was caught, and vandalism and theft of cars in the area stopped.

But now think if the thief could then leave if an outfit on silent and fast electric scooters went out to hunt him. The case would have been resolved within five minutes.

Now the American police in many cities already use electric patrol scooters, and they are very happy with them. This is a fast, quiet and environmentally friendly mode of transport, it is superior in quality to company cars in terms of mobility in tight yards and narrow passages, as well as in rough terrain, and even indoors.

Trikke Mobility produces 4 types of electric scooters, 3 of which are police-patrol and one civilian. Police devices are tailored specifically for the peculiarities of police work. Therefore, they are more reliable, durable, capable of moving a police officer with full gear, while not losing driving performance.

Sold to police only.

Trikke DEFENDER is designed for patrolling by law enforcement officers, emergency services, private security …

This model is positioned as an entry-level device for a quiet ride on vacation, for example, on a golf course.

The three-wheeled electric scooter is a really interesting design. She is very resilient. To fall off it you have to try very hard. The suspension allows you to travel over rough terrain, and the design of the aluminum frame itself avoids impacts on medium-sized stones.

As usual, all technical innovations reach us in Russia with a certain time lag. Now they are starting to gradually introduce electric means of micromobility in traffic rules, and after that the time will come when the police will begin to use similar equipment to monitor the implementation of the new # traffic rules by those who travel on electric scooters, mono-wheels and other types of vehicles in this segment.

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