In Russia, work continues to create a hybrid engine for aviation

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Electrification now affects absolutely all categories of vehicles, this applies to, including aviation. The noteworthy that in our country there are currently several enterprises work in this area.

The 20th of October

The tests were simulated under the actual load of the electric motor, in the ranges of the «Small Gas» (

This work is carried out under a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Commission of Russia, in order to create a hybrid power plant with an electric motor. The project is called

Environmental standards for harmful emissions are tightened not only in motor vehicles, but also in aviation. Therefore, the creation of a hybrid or fully electric power plant for aircraft is a vital for the domestic air fare. Otherwise, our aircraft will simply stop letting foreign aircasting. It is also necessary to understand that the process of environmentalizing the aviation industry allows you to create a competitive product. If in electric cars, and this must be recognized, Russian companies have almost hopelessly behind the world’s industry leaders, then in aviation we have every chance of being in the leaders.

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Renault 5 — New wave of French Renaulution Renault

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Reno Presentation Day continues. In the new release, the company presented a prototype teaser

Let me remind you that today the French automaker announced its plan for the next four years, called «Renaulution», which includes the release of 7 new all-electric vehicles. At the moment, the company has not yet announced the release dates for new serial electric cars. This will likely happen at one of the nearest car dealerships, physical or virtual, depending on the pandemic situation.

It should also be noted that the company has articulated three areas of competitiveness that will allow the company to be among the leaders in the development, production and operation of clean vehicles.

Renault is creating an ecosystem called «Software République» that will allow Renault, Alliance members and future partners to develop joint expertise, create European know-how and protect our sovereignty in key technologies, from big data to electronics. It will also enable Renault to equip its vehicles with leading artificial intelligence and cybersecurity systems.

The directions for the creation and offer of high-tech and infotainment services based on built-in Google services will develop.

But the most interesting thing is that the company will undertake at one of its factories to remake more than 100,000 used cars a year, repurposing diesel LCVs into electric cars, and gas engines. This is very important for European customers, as environmental standards are tightening, and in some cities, a ban has already been introduced on the entry of diesel vehicles into the central parts of cities. So converting them to electricity or gas for car owners will be economically justified and necessary.

What Renault has presented today can be called a light version of the transformation that Volkswagen is currently carrying out. Although the Renault program is called «Renaulution», as if to say that this is the Renault Revolution, in my opinion, this is a soft approach to the really future Renault revolution, which will begin after 2025. And during these 4 years the company will prepare well, consolidate resources, optimize production and supply chains … And after that the real Revolution will begin. In the meantime, we need to concentrate, gain strength, and survive the political and pandemic storms.

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Free Internet from Starlink will still be.

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In discussions about the development of the STARLINK network often come across comments wishing to sit, they say, and where the promised free Internet from Ilona Mask. Well, in fact, no one ever said that Starlink will be free. On the contrary, attention was focused on the fact that this is a purely commercial project, which should bring the necessary financial resources for the implementation of cosmic ideas, in the literal sense of the word, Ilona Mask and Spacex. However, free Internet from Starlink will still be, but for some categories of users.

Ilon Mask and Spacex were not those who know them and represent in the world if they did not take on themselves, including social functions. Space company Ilona Mask continues to pay special attention to expanding access to the Internet service Starlink, sometimes for free, if it concerns remote rural schools and tribes of indigenous Americans to promote their development.

In the fall, Spacex, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce of Washington, entered into an affiliate agreement with the Khokh (Chala) tribe to provide high-quality Internet in several houses and community facilities. Representatives of the tribe frankly stated that «

Such a program was implemented in the district of Ector in Texas. There are also rural communities that have practically no functional internet access, gained a reliable connection to the network, which is particularly important in conditions of the continuing crisis.

45 sets of Starlink will receive state schools of Oziz in Virginia.

One of the first places in Canada, where the Starlink Internet service appeared from Spacex, the Indian community of Piccikikum became, with a population of 3,000 people in the north-west Ontario. The project was initiated by the Canadian IT company FSET. Previously, the residents of the community «were content with» the Internet at speed only 3 Mbit / s. From Starlink, they will also access the modern network, the speed of which is already approaching 200 Mbps. This will allow community residents to gain access to education, health care and contact tribesmen from other communities, outside the Picanhibition. In early December, Pikangikum First Nation was connected to the satellite network of Ilona Mask using Spacex and FSET. Piccicking community is surrounded by lakes, forests and wildlife. In the recent past, the community experienced the hardest psychological crisis associated with the youth of the tribe, the main cause of which can be considered the unpleasurness of life, the lack of access to full-fledged education, and therefore work. It was a truly tragic page in the history of the community. The initiative of Dave Brown will help not just save many lives, but also give hope for the future to the rest of the continent.

FSET has long wanted to bring modern communication in the Piccanikum, but all previous options stumbled into geographical and climatic difficulties, which of course poured in financially costly ways. Therefore, it was decided to contact Spacex to find out if Starlink can be brought to the community, and bring people out of the dark with the help of modern satellite Internet services. And Spacex immediately responded. Dave Brown says the experience of working with Spacex is completely different from working with other telecommunications companies. Installing Starlink in the remote community has passed quickly and easily. FSET received 60 sets of Starlink within a few days after the request. A few minutes went to the installation of equipment in the Picankikum.

In Canadian case, the Indians did not ask any benefits to pay for communication services. They also paid not much less paid, while receiving disgusting quality of communication. FSET, assumed consultation, training and equipment installation. Communication, remote training and work became very relevant this year, due to the well-known crisis, and at this time the factor in the presence of good communication is especially important. Thanks to the high-speed Internet, schoolchildren and picankikum students can connect to the network and quietly continue their training.

Residents of the small town of Allen, located in the remote countryside in Ohio, will soon receive free Internet Spacex Starlink. According to the Vice-Governor of Ohio John Khasteda, Spacex will provide free Starlink services 90 households and 10 small enterprises in Allen’s town, whose population is 2263 people. According to our Russian concepts, it is certainly not a city, and not even a village, it is a village. But also about the well-being of residents even such a small settlement must be taken care.

The Vice-Governor Hasted also stated that the Starlink free Internet program is part of the state’s government commitment to expand access to high-speed Internet in remote areas. To access the Starlink satellite network, Allen’s residents and enterprises will receive the Starlink Kit set, which has all the necessary equipment. Thanks to the collaboration between Spacex, Innovateohio, Broadbandohio, City of Marysville, Jobsohio, Allen Township residents will be free to provide Internet Starlink for 12 months.

Here are just a few examples, how popular Starlink is already at the initial stage of its existence. Especially the need for such a service manifested itself this year, when the education in many countries was translated into a «deletener». Here you can remind examples from our Russian regions when sometimes the children climbed on the base stations to catch a mobile Internet signal to send homework to school. It was in the Perm Territory.

In Bashkiria, on the border with the Chelyabinsk region, it was that, together with the parents, the children went out of the villages, and were looking for a normal signal from their place, since in their village Kulmetovo, the speed was only 100 kilobit per second. And this is not a borrowing in the taiga, and no reindeer casing in the regions of the Far North.

The question remains open, will there be similar programs that Spacex are held with partners, are conducted by the Russian creator and operator of the satellite Internet network «Sphere»?

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Voxan Wattman Superbike sets speed record for electric motorcycles — 408.77 km / h

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On an electric motorcycle

Voxan Wattman is very difficult to call an electric motorcycle in the usual sense of its meaning. Yes, it has two wheels, but it’s actually a record-setting beast. What is openly stated in the manufacturing company — «

Battery capacity

There are also rules and regulations for speed-setting races. Several speed indicators are measured, with different start options — from a place, and from a move. Also, in the races, two types of body kit are used — streamlined, and partially streamlined. This time, the maximum instantaneous speed was

In 2010, #venturi acquired French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan in 2010, refocusing the brand on a new core business of electric motors and electric motorcycles. Two models were built: the road #wattman and the Wattman superbike, specially designed to set new world speed records. Both machines were designed by Sasha Lakic, Venturi’s lead designer.

It is also worth recalling that the ROKiT Venturi Racing team has been participating in the #formula e electric racing championship for several years now. So for Venturi, electric mobility is the essence and the way of life and business.

Now the team is collaborating with # mercedes-benz, putting on their cars the electric transmission Silver Arrow 01. The drivers of the team are the famous Filipe Massa, and Edward Mortara.

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Aeromobile Flyter.

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Remember the flips from the cult Soviet science fiction film «

The Flyter looks really futuristic, as if it really came to us from 2084. Looking at it, you will not find any propellers, propellers, like most VTOL projects existing in the world today, most of which resemble giant quadcopters. Everything is different here — a visually streamlined, aerodynamic body. And the startup site says so — «

Discarding options

In principle, despite the modest ones, these are quite realistic characteristics for a device of this class.

I believe that this is an absolutely correct message, and the concept of Voronezh innovators can be considered a serious alternative to Elon Musk’s project “The Boring Company”. Although, in fact, these projects, taking into account the fact that both are fully implemented, are not competing, but complementary to each other. Someone does not want to fly, relying on the «magical» lifting force of the propellers, and they like their own vehicles, their personal space on wheels. Well, someone will quite want to use an air taxi, imagining themselves in the role of the heroes of «Guests from the Future».

The cost of one Flyter machine will be approximately $ 200,000.

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«Good Cat» ORA Haomao from Great Wall Motor.

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The Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor has long been known to the Russian consumer, and above all for the off-road vehicles of the HAVAL brand. But the time is coming when the Great Wall will win the hearts and minds of buyers by offering emission-free cars. In this field, GW works together with #bmw, and two years ago, together with the Germans, they created the Spotlight Automotive JV, and a year ago they began construction of the plant.

And last week, GW launched its electric car called

In appearance, this machine looks funny, someone will even say, using the Internet, it is mimicry. There is something from Mini, Honda, and Volkswagen Beetle in her appearance, and someone will see echoes of #porsche in this electric car.

And this is not surprising, because the designer of this car was the ex-Porsche designer Emanoel Derta. So there is a mixture of retro and futurism in design. But for all the seeming external frivolity, this is a very well-equipped electric vehicle with energy. It is built on its own LEMON platform.

The LEMON platform of the Haomao model is equipped with a 105 kW electric motor that produces 210 Nm of torque. The drag coefficient is 0.289. As a battery, buyers are given a choice of a lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity

By the way, about the dimensions: l * w * h (mm) — 4235/1825/1596 mm. Wheelbase 2650 mm.

The Good Cat Hoamao is available in five trim options. Prices vary depending on the configuration

So far, GWM’s core products are fossil fuel vehicles, but the company is dedicated and serious about developing «new energy» vehicles. The company’s plans include cars with hydrogen fuel cells, electric vehicles are already being produced, as I described above, and GW also developed and put into production an electric drive created on the principle

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In the Bosch guide prevailed panic sentiment?

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In the leadership of one of the largest company in the world for the production of autocomponents


A real set of stamps and defaults, starting from the formula «Everyone known». For example, as it is possible, and what’s the point of hiding the energy balance of the countries of the European Union, when this open information is known how many generating capacity, and what energy they work on. It is known the number and power of the offshore offshore wind farms, the SES, NPP … Therefore, it’s just stupid something «hides» something.

Next, there is a frank «hitting» on #tesla. What, by the way, it is already strange for Germany, and not honestly, because the electric car «rails» at different speeds, but all German automakers are moving. And it is on the production of battery electric vehicles, in a passenger segment. And it is here that the cause of the Escapad Franz Ferrenbach lies, because it will turn out that

Also, Franz Fernbach said that the charging infrastructure is not developing enough. But

That is, everything is absolutely clear here. The company, which for many years was a supplier of autocomponents for leading automakers, precisely for cars with DVS, when developing an electric car risk, risks lion’s share of its income. And their non-historicalness, and the inability to flexibly and quickly respond to the changing market conditions, they want to level the failure of the refusal or delay in the development of the electric vehicle revolution. This can be regarded in any way, as a cry for help. Only now they will have to blame them, first of all, themselves. Yes, Bosch, maybe not get away from the stage, but will lose a lot, and even maybe they will remain only in the segment of the production of household appliances. But in the automotive industry, they will no longer play the role that they had during the era of DVS.

Material on the topic:

Bosch had previously tried to enter the electric car, but these attempts were very timid, and did not end with any breakthrough ideas or products. In 2017, they bought a startup for the production of solid-state batteries. And even more, this project lasted no more than a year, and in 2018 the company announced that it would not implement a plan. Then Bosch considered this direction and investment in it «too risky». Here you have the result of indecision and short-sightedness.

Bosch still tried to start a project in the field of creating electrical transmissions, and hydrogen fuel cells. I remember, there was even a project of supplying stacks of hydrogen fuel cells for Nikola Motors trucks. But now Nikola has big problems, and the company itself is struggling for survival. The company is also known as the manufacturer of electric motors for electric bikes. But this is no longer the volume that the company operated before. And it is more like imitation of work in the field of electrical mobility than for serious development. And this, by the way, is very similar to politics

Well, the leaders of these companies themselves, with their own hands, sign their company sentence. And this is not the first case in history, when the companies did not understand, and not adopted changes, were forced to go off the scene. Everything is simple — Change or go to the roadside, giving way to another.

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Subaru again promises to release an electric vehicle for Europe.

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Almost passed from the previous announcement, as in Subaru again remembered that the court was already the end of 2020, and it would be time to start producing electric vehicles. Then they even presented a certain similarity of the company’s development road map, which indicated that the company was ready for the transition to a new era, namely the production of plug-in hybrids and completely electric cars.

And this week the Japanese company published

Japanese technique Of course, it has long been synonymous with the quality, the vagueness of the temporary formulation of the press release as much respected car brand is striking — «… Planned to release in the first half of the 2020s …». Subaru promises additional information «over the next year.»


From Japanese automakers only #Nissan did not sleep the electric car, and became one of the world leaders, the legislator of the mod of this process (I remember at least

Returning to the Announcement Subaru, it is worth noting that it had many high-profile words about the «Efforts of Subaru to reduce» the environmental impact in Europe and the satisfaction of the growing demand for alternative force aggregates. » But while their real actions do not testify to the big progress in this direction. And many promises —

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The next Starlink mission — 828 satellites in orbit

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SpaceX successfully completed another Starlink mission yesterday. Another batch of 60 Starlink satellites was launched into orbit, the Falcon 9 B1051 booster, which completed five flights, made its sixth flight from Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, and then successfully boarded the drone ship «Of course, I still love you» (OCISLY ), the ships GO Ms.Tree and GO Ms.Chief caught both halves of the nose fairing.

Just another successful mission. But if we calculate the benefit from the repeated use of the launch vehicle and nose fairings, we can understand that with each new launch, the cost of launching the next batch of satellites becomes lower and lower. When the B1051 booster was already at the launch pad, preparations for the next Falcon 9 launch had already begun at the Kennedy Space Center. And this is a record booster.

To provide uninterrupted broadband Internet access anywhere in the world, the Starlink network needs ~ 4400 satellites. And for this it is necessary to make about 60-70 more launches. How long it will take when using the Falcon 9 is easy to calculate. Weather conditions, government and commercial orders are unlikely to allow more than 20 launches per year with Starlink satellites. And that is why the work on the Starship program is so important, which in its cargo version will be able to put a stack of 400 satellites into orbit at a time. Namely, this is what Starship will do, standing on the wing, testing all systems, performing work in parallel.

Another thing that was remarkable about yesterday’s start was the number of news broadcasts on our main state radio stations that talked about this start. There was no longer any scoffing, and attempts to ridicule it. It was all strict, serious, just everyday news. Apparently, they already realized that with the policy of defamation, they ultimately ridiculed themselves.

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Rivian will create its own branded network of charging stations

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Rivian, going along the way Tesla, began to create its own branded charger in the United States. But Robert Skarinj’s company is not going to copy the Tesla or Electrify America strategy, and adds his highlight to this technological process. Since at the moment the main products of Rivian, which in early 2021 will go into mass production, is R1S SUV and R1T Pickup, then parking spaces are added to the traditional places of charge stations in federal and regional highways, and parking spaces in the attraction . Here, the charging of Rivian will be located near the routes for forest hikes and cycling, near the parking lots for river alloys, and in mountain ranges that love climbers. Thus, the company attracts a new one in its attraction, and a very active audience.

Leader: general director Rivian R. J. Scarinj in

Here is a clear example of how the manufacturer of electric vehicles not only is engaged in the development of the charging infrastructure, but also does it with the mind, going to a meeting to his future client, creating the conditions for him the greatest faults in the use of electric vehicle. Unfortunately, we have in Russia about such an approach from automakers (and there are practically no manufacturers of electric vehicles), and the authorities have only to dream. Many years ago, there was even a government ruling, according to which the charge stations for electric vehicles should be installed on all newly opened gas stations and campsites. Have you seen a lot of new gas stations with charge items for electrocars? I am not saying that they are not at all, but the process is so slow that it is time to say «ulitsa is going, sometime will.» If in the United States, Europe, and in China open networks of charging stations, the electric car community of Russia perceives, as a holiday opening each charging. And at the same time, not each of the newly open charging can boast of stable work, or the free approach of the electric car to the charging place. There are many problems — you need to decide.

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