Nissan wants to leverage the power of Hercules to compete with Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T in electric pickup field

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Electric mobility professionals know Nissan as the maker of the popular electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf. This is if we talk about the first generation model. Then came the Nissan Leaf ZE1 and the Ariya electric crossover, and the commercial-class Nissan LCV electric cars. But an automobile company can only be considered serious and strong when it can fight across the entire spectrum of cars. And in the market of the USA, Europe and China in the near future it will be necessary to compete in the segment of pickups with Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T and several other brands that are now on the verge of starting production. And here you will not get off with the Ariya crossover. This is not the level. You need something more serious and strong, which Nissan does not yet have. Yes, now, for example, in the American market they sell pickup trucks of the Frontie, Titan and Titan XD models, but these are all fossil-fuel vehicles, but an electric one is needed. Unfortunately, before the company was not too concerned about this topic and direction, and therefore here they will most likely have to go to cooperation with a third-party company, which just created the necessary platform. The most interesting thing is that even I, being engaged in the electric vehicle topic on a daily basis, did not know about the existence of a startup, with which, most likely, Nissan would start cooperation on creating its electric pickup truck. And this company will be discussed further.

So, according to some insider information, Nissan is in talks with a Detroit startup.

In Michigan, in the city of Detroit, which earlier (under Obama) was called almost the capital of the «rust belt», and now this city can rightfully be called one of the pillars of the US electric vehicle industry, the Hercules Electric Vehicles company was created in 2018. The first persons of the startup are — Founder and CEO James Breuer, Chief Engineer Greg Weber, and Chief Strategy Officer Julie Tolly. The founders of the company initially took a course towards creating a modular platform that could become the basis for the construction of SUVs and pickups. And they were right. There was no point in competing with #tesla and other automotive startups with more powerful financial support. The point was precisely to create a product that would be in demand by one of the major manufacturers, which at that time did not bother creating anything electric in this class. And that time has come. By the way, this is what strategic thinking means! They created their pickup truck, its platform, and pole to everything, in partnership with another company, and a mobile solar charging system for electric cars, and this product is called Hercules Alpha.

Hercules Alpha, at least in development, has truly Herculean strength —

Also, together with the developer

In principle, more information on Hercules could not be found, but I suppose that if #nissan is considering the possibility of cooperation with this company in order to take their development as the basis for the electrification of the Titan series pickup, it means that they have more information about the Hercules project, and they arranges. If everything works out here, then in the race of electric pickups, among which there are also #ford F-150, GM #hummer EV, #nikola Badger, another serious player will appear, although it seemed that no one else would appear here. There is no official deal yet, but the leaked information is also noteworthy. Probably, we should wait for the emergence of a new «player» in the segment of electric pickups.

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