Nio conducted a presentation of the first electric sedan in its ruler — Nio Et7

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Today, in Chengdu Technology, NiO Day, the Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles, NIO, introduced its first electric sedan

The presentation show Nio Day passed under the motto «Future ahead.» The main novelty of the program was the new electric car of the company — Sedan Nio Et7

One of the most important components of any electric vehicle is its traction battery. Depending on the configuration, the new car Nio will be equipped with batteries of various capacities:

This is a battery created using new technologies, in particular the use of silicon as part of an anode, providing a capacity of 360 W / kg. Here too, by the way, you can hear echoes

ET7 will be a four-wheel drive electric focus — its platform will carry two electric motors: in front of 180 kW, from behind 300 kW.

Total, power will be 480 kW, and torque is 850 nm. Acceleration up to 100 km / h will take 3.9 seconds.

Dimensions ET7:


Windshield coefficient

Door handles, a la tesla. But this element has become usual for many brands producing electric vehicles.

From above glass panoramic roof with an area of 1.9 m2.

In the cabin, it would be possible to say that a minimalistic style, the same as in Tesla Model 3, but only in Et7 two displays — one, diagonal of 10.2 «on the usual place of the classic joke panel, and one large display, by 12.8 «In the middle, as in Tesla. Adds a picture of the internal processability of the AI helper. Naturally, the electrocar will be equipped with all modern communication and data standards — 5G, UWB, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, V2X.

Visually, the car is made kindly, there is nothing superfluous in design. I do not know how the creators of the model were inspired, but, that this is an application for competition with products

Model with battery

Also on the Nio Day 2020 the second generation Nio Power SWAP station was introduced «

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