Many people wonder if it’s time to switch to an electric car.

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The end of the year is the time to take stock, analyze trends, and look into the future. 2020 was, to put it mildly, not an easy year, one might even say that it was extremely difficult and difficult. But for all his horrors, there is one indisputable fact — the electric car industry and the electric car market not only withstood and held back the blow of the global wave of spring-summer lockdown, but stepped forward in their development, taking new positions. This process has not bypassed Russia either. While the market for «traditional», fossil-fuel vehicles tended to decline (both in Russia and in the world), the market for electric vehicles was slowly but surely going up. Electric vehicle sales in Russia have doubled compared to last year. Of course, while the lion’s share of the market is made up of second-hand, rightly received the title


Electric cars are no longer a curiosity, but an integral part of the car flow and market. Classic automakers are shifting to electromobility at varying rates, not to mention market leader Tesla. Elon Musk’s company this year not only confirmed its status as a leader in the electric vehicle industry, but also became the world’s No. 1 automobile company, both in terms of market capitalization and the rate of production growth, and the commissioning of new production facilities.

So the question of buying an electric car is becoming more relevant every day.

The conference will also discuss charging infrastructure, the cost of owning an electric car in Russia, the reliability of electric cars compared to the usual gasoline and diesel cars, service capabilities …

And this week you will find another online conference, which will also discuss the development of the electromobility sector in Russia, and the charging infrastructure. We will also inform about it in the near future.

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