Lucid Motors vs. Tesla on the racetrack.

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One of America’s favorite car games, drag racing (a sprint race over a distance of 402 meters (¼ miles) took on its track charged, in every sense of the word, electric cars.

This time the rivals were the all-wheel drive, twin-engine version.

The result of this competition for many was, to put it mildly, unexpected. Not only did Air manage to set the fastest quarter-mile record for an electric vehicle, but it also broke

This was not a one-off ride. The Lucid Motors team carried out a series of «combat» races on the track, and each time got out of 10 seconds, which confirmed the quality of the work done.


By the way, a little earlier

Interestingly, the company said, “… In particular, an elegant and revolutionary new motor winding technology was introduced to increase power output and reduce electrical losses. The motor also features an innovative cooling system that removes heat more efficiently from the stator winding, minimizing losses and increasing efficiency. «

O! Tremble # duyuns!


But the Lucid Air Dream Edition’s record in drag racing for electric vehicles didn’t last long. The new leader is electric

And in the classification of sports


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