Lucid Motors has officially announced the start of work on the Gravity project

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Literally a few days have passed since the official

Plans to build an electric SUV CEO

Production of the Lucid «Project Gravity» SUV will begin in 2023. As with #lucid air, the company’s SUV will not be a utility vehicle. The company’s announcement says that Lucid is taking the concept and concept of an SUV to a new level — a level of unimaginable performance combined with luxury comfort and equipment.

The Lucid «Project Gravity» SUV will be based on the same Lucid Electric (LEAP) proprietary platform as the Lucid Air sedan. This platform also made it possible to realize its own Lucid Space Concept, when, thanks to the maximum miniaturization of the technical components of the transmission, it was possible to maximize the interior space of the passenger compartment and luggage compartment.

The same concept will form the basis of #project gravity.

The new electric SUV is said to be designed to comfortably accommodate seven passengers.

Lucid’s «Project Gravity» booking will open next year, 2021.

Meanwhile, the three-engine version of the Lucid Air — Air Dream Edition (1080 hp) continues to «beat» the Tesla Model S on the racetracks. This time, the charged Lucid Air on the Laguna Seca track surpassed the Tesla Model S Plaid prototype record.

Earlier Lucid Air won the competition with

Well, at least on the racetrack, Tesla is no longer the sole king of the hill. And I guess the real competition is just beginning. Fortunately, now there is a worthy opponent. There are also rumors that Tesla will unveil a new version of its flagship sedan at Battery Day.

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