JCB presented a ruler of fully electrical construction and special E-Tech technology

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British JCB company, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction and agricultural machinery, as part of the implementation of the strategy «

The company has in its asset 22 plants in four continents and in countries, including the United States, Great Britain, China, India and Brazil. And as you know, in most countries, programs for the ban on not so distant future production and sales of gasoline and diesel transport are adopted. Depending on the country, temporary cutoffs of these prohibitions differ in force — 2030-40-50 years. This applies to the entire spectrum of transport — passenger, freight, public, as well as

By implementing the «Path to Zero» program to reduce emissions, JCB introduced a range of fully electrical machines — the first electric telescopic # Loader, tracked mini excavators, # dump trucks for construction sites and forklifts. A total of six electrical machines were shown.

This type of JCB technique produces 43 years, and today for the first time in the company’s history, this type of technology becomes electric. The machine can be used in various spheres — in construction, industry, warehouse complexes, and agriculture. Maximum load capacity JCB 525-60E 2500 kg. The loader has two electric motors — one works on the machine drive, the second, on the drive of the hydraulics of the lift.

Lithium-ion battery pack has a capacity

Naturally, the JCB 525-60E, besides the fact that he now does not throw a diesel harness in the atmosphere and other «charms», providing a decrease in maintenance costs, it also meets all the noise standards.

The first electric mini-dump truck JCB 1T-2E is designed specifically for work in closed rooms, where it is especially necessary to get rid of exhaust and noise. It is equipped with a battery by 10 kWh. * H, and its useful lifting capacity up to 1000 kg. He, like all JCB electrical technique, can be charged from the usual outlet — 110 V, 230 V and 415 V. Of course it can be used not only in closed rooms, but also in the open space, working in the city building, or in agriculture .

About him, as I have already written above, you could read in us last summer last year. There is nothing to add here, just look at that material — «

Also in the new electrical line of JCB, the 30-19E Electric Teletruk loader, the S1530E lifting platform, the HTD-5E electric demiability platform. JCB also made its own corporate electricity storage, which can also serve as an autonomous or emergency power supply, or a mobile recharge station for the above electrical engineering. # The drive is made in two versions — 23 kW * h and 46 kW * h. JCB declares that these drives will work regularly at least 7 years.

As you can see, electric vehicles covers all possible areas and directions of transport and work. Someone is already starting to use this technique, but those who still do not believe in it (although the concept of «faith» in principle does not apply) anyway will not leave anywhere. Just after a few years there will be no choice. So, the sooner, start using such special technique, it will be easier, more convenient, and in the end and cheaper. The future is not somewhere there behind the horizon, the future comes with each new day.

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