Is there a future for the Turkish electric vehicle TOGG?

Posted by kachalo on 27 ноября, 2021 in termination | Short Link

At the end of last year, pompously, with the participation

I have no doubt that # Erdogan will make every possible effort to implement the idea of creating a national car industry that meets all modern requirements. This project, most likely, is at the level of a strategic national project, on a par with the construction of # nuclear power plants, and gas projects.

To implement this idea, a Turkish Automobile Joint Venture Group (#togg) automobile plant is currently under construction in Bursa, where the company’s electric cars will be mass-produced.

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the future plant, Erdogan said: “


TOGG will produce five different models — SUV, sedan, hatchback, b-SUV and b-MPV. According to plans until 2030, the plant will have to

The project is expected to bring the Turkish economy up to $ 50 billion a year in aggregate revenue, taking into account the entire ecosystem of this enterprise, from component suppliers to services and charging infrastructure.

But I guess the problem is not with production. This is a real deal. The problem is for TOGG to be able to compete with the big carmakers, like the old ones, that are moving on to the EV rails, such as #volkswagen, and of course #tesla. Here, of course, we can talk about competition with a certain amount of humor. With Tesla in a couple of years, #toyota will not be able to compete because of its hesitation between the options for the «green» car. What can we say about TOGG.

At first, they will certainly play a significant role in the regional market. Exit with export, it will already be a problem. And then the question will arise, how not only to make a profit, but to be at least to some extent profitable. This is if you look only from a purely economic point of view. If we talk about the social and political role of this process, then, of course, this plant and this production is necessary, at least to create jobs within the country. And if this reason is dominant, then there is no need to fear for the fate of TOGG and their electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, TOGG has patented its brand and design for SUVs and sedans in Japan and Russia. This means that we can assume that these are two more potential markets, in addition to the Turkish one, for TOGG electric cars. Registration procedures are also underway in the European Union, China, India, South Korea, and the United States.

So, based on all of the above arguments and news, we can say that the TOGG brand has a completely normal future. Not without problems, but when it is at the level of national interest, the project will not be allowed to die.

But buyers will have more choice. And this is good.

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