Innovative collective farm of the 21st century — Symbiosis of electricity, renewable energy and eco-micique

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Electrification of agricultural machinery in the near future will become another mainstream direction. Already, many manufacturers in this area are experimenting, creating completely electrical and hydrogen-electric models. Among these manufacturers

The project was developed in collaboration between Volkswagen Group Innovation and Volkswagen Group South Africa, together with the AMO research organization, the Dutch architect Rem Kolhas, for the countries of Africa began to develop a comprehensive project, which can revolutionize the transition of local agricultural production by making it a jump in an innovative future.

This year in New York at the exhibition in the Museum of Solomon R. Guggenheim, a project of future agriculture in Africa was presented. Its main parts were the Volkswagen electric tractors with interchangeable battery modules, and charging stations taking energy from «solar trees». And this is really an interesting project, and the concept. While the tractor works in the field, on the same battery unit, the shift unit is already charged from here the generated energy from solar panels.

The abundance of clear sunny days in the regions to the south of the Sahara makes a practically natural integrated use of solar energy and electrical agricultural machinery. Now in these regions is not so much food, as it would be possible. In part, it is due to the lack of necessary equipment, and often with the lack of access to fuel. And here it is here that electric vehicles and renewable energy could be a decisive factor in innovative development, which would help solve, in particular, the problem of hunger.

Electric tractors and combines, local and decentralized generation and power supply systems are the future of agriculture of many African regions.

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