In the Bosch guide prevailed panic sentiment?

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In the leadership of one of the largest company in the world for the production of autocomponents


A real set of stamps and defaults, starting from the formula «Everyone known». For example, as it is possible, and what’s the point of hiding the energy balance of the countries of the European Union, when this open information is known how many generating capacity, and what energy they work on. It is known the number and power of the offshore offshore wind farms, the SES, NPP … Therefore, it’s just stupid something «hides» something.

Next, there is a frank «hitting» on #tesla. What, by the way, it is already strange for Germany, and not honestly, because the electric car «rails» at different speeds, but all German automakers are moving. And it is on the production of battery electric vehicles, in a passenger segment. And it is here that the cause of the Escapad Franz Ferrenbach lies, because it will turn out that

Also, Franz Fernbach said that the charging infrastructure is not developing enough. But

That is, everything is absolutely clear here. The company, which for many years was a supplier of autocomponents for leading automakers, precisely for cars with DVS, when developing an electric car risk, risks lion’s share of its income. And their non-historicalness, and the inability to flexibly and quickly respond to the changing market conditions, they want to level the failure of the refusal or delay in the development of the electric vehicle revolution. This can be regarded in any way, as a cry for help. Only now they will have to blame them, first of all, themselves. Yes, Bosch, maybe not get away from the stage, but will lose a lot, and even maybe they will remain only in the segment of the production of household appliances. But in the automotive industry, they will no longer play the role that they had during the era of DVS.

Material on the topic:

Bosch had previously tried to enter the electric car, but these attempts were very timid, and did not end with any breakthrough ideas or products. In 2017, they bought a startup for the production of solid-state batteries. And even more, this project lasted no more than a year, and in 2018 the company announced that it would not implement a plan. Then Bosch considered this direction and investment in it «too risky». Here you have the result of indecision and short-sightedness.

Bosch still tried to start a project in the field of creating electrical transmissions, and hydrogen fuel cells. I remember, there was even a project of supplying stacks of hydrogen fuel cells for Nikola Motors trucks. But now Nikola has big problems, and the company itself is struggling for survival. The company is also known as the manufacturer of electric motors for electric bikes. But this is no longer the volume that the company operated before. And it is more like imitation of work in the field of electrical mobility than for serious development. And this, by the way, is very similar to politics

Well, the leaders of these companies themselves, with their own hands, sign their company sentence. And this is not the first case in history, when the companies did not understand, and not adopted changes, were forced to go off the scene. Everything is simple — Change or go to the roadside, giving way to another.

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