In honor of which dragon did Elon Musk name the Crew Dragon and give names to other SpaceX ships?

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Let’s digress from the technical news, and talk about the names of SpaceX ships. Speaking about Elon Musk’s space company, we constantly mention the names of SpaceX ships, launch vehicles, and drones — Cargo Dragon, Crew Dragon, Falcon-9, Starship, drones landing platforms “Just Read the Instructions”, “Of Course I Still Love You ”Or“ A Short Fall to Gravitas ”, fairing catchers“ GO Ms.Tree ”and“ GO Ms.Chief ”.

And practically no one realizes that literary works, films, and songs are behind the names of the ships. Yes, Elon is not only an innovator and visionary, he is also an ordinary person who is not alien to romance and lyrics.

This is perhaps the most lyrical detail of this high-tech product. A couple of years ago, Elon on Twitter answered the question of why this series of ships is so named.

Who is this «Puff Magic Dragon»? And this is the character of the lyric song of the same name «

In fact, this is a song about the passing of childhood. What could be more lyrical and poetic? The hero of the song grew up and named the ship after that dragon.


The drone ships JRTI “Just Read the Instructions” and OCISLY “Of Course I Still Love You” got their names from science fiction books from the “Culture” series by the Scottish writer

Starship and Super Heavy will have a backstory too. The first piloted Starship will be named Heart of Gold from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

There is not much to say about “GO Ms.Tree” and “GO Ms.Chief”. Just a pretty interesting approach to naming a ship. With humor.

And this is a really great idea. Look how many excellent science fiction works we have, also Soviet writers. There you can pick up names for future Russian ships. Yes, even if you call one of them «Cheburashka», it will be better than calling ours «Eagle» in spite of their «Falcon», which is more like measuring the length of something. The names can be taken even from Soviet cartoons, science fiction films and novels. I think that good names can be found in the books of Kir Bulychev, Ivan Efremov, Alexei Tolstoy, and many of our other writers.

Remember the name, or should have been called, of the Soviet spaceships, rockets, and stations — Voskhod, Vostok, Buran, Zarya, Soyuz, Progress, Salyut, Almaz, Mir. The names reflected the power of the Soviet state. I don’t know what to do and how to name Russian ships and stations now. The main thing is that they are, in sufficient quantity, and with good reliability.

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