Ilon Mask surpassed Jeff Beza, and became the richest man in the world

Posted by kachalo on 26 ноября, 2021 in strath | Short Link

Today, in the unofficial standings of the richest people in the world, the leader change occurred. Chapter Amazon Jeff Bezos lost his lead to the head of Tesla and Spacex, Ilona Mask. Now they share 1 billion $ —

A year ago, the mask’s condition was about $ 27 billion, which was not enough to enter even the 50 richest people of the planet. But since then, the price of TESLA shares took off more than nine times, as the company showed excellent and most importantly that stable results for the production and sales of their electric vehicles. And so much importantly, the company expands the zones of its influence of building plants in Germany, in Texas, and probably will soon come to India. This means that the company has strong fundamental indicators that are not related to stock exchange games.

Undoubtedly, the unofficial competition between the mask and the braziness on the pages and the tables will continue. Although, they themselves, in my personal opinion, this «competition» is absolutely no need and not interesting. If it exists, then most likely to make their car and space projects with the best, successful and reliable. These are not the people who will measure the length of their yachts, how the oligarchs nouveau, who have rushed overnight thanks to the pledge auctions from the dirt in the princes, but at the same time remaining with the psychology of the provincial Gopnik or Earlier.

Success should be measured by no yacht value or account in the bank, but by what you did for our fellow citizens, for the country, for humanity, possessing resources. The Ilona Mask of Resources Nobody did not give it enough, in contrast to many local Tolstosums. He and his team, their work, perseverance and knowledge created companies that are now leaders of automotive and space industries — #tesla and #Spacex

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