Hindenburg report on Nikola Corporation fraud collapsed as Nazi airship of the same name

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It has already become a commonplace that any innovative, and even more so, an electromobile project goes through the stage of defamation, and in Russian, simply by pouring information slops. Well, the fossil-fuel lobby continues to stain everyone it can get its hands on in its last convulsions.

It would seem that this is great news, which provides additional energy for the development of the emission-free transport sector.

Here is a combination of an innovative start-up and a constantly developing experienced, world-famous, grandeur of the automotive industry. All perfectly. But not for everyone.

Yes, it is worth recalling that both companies are joint-stock companies, whose shares are freely traded on the stock exchange. Well, stocks are for speculators, it’s like vodka is for an alcoholic. Well, shit started to go after the announcement of Nikola and GM’s partnership. Moreover, the «volley» was fired the next day after the announcement, at 8 am, right before the opening of the trading session on the stock exchange.

The rise and fall of Hindenburg.

Some kind of analytical company

I was not too lazy and opened this report. Scrolling through it to understand how voluminous it is, I came across one paragraph that simply and clearly shows the whole essence of this so-called «report».

So, is it that they claim that the chairman of the board of directors and CEO of General Motors # mary barra is a prostitute?


How do you like this level of analytics? It’s more like pulp fiction. And there are many similar escapades there.


The main gist of the accusations against Nikola boiled down to the following points:

Further, a significant part of the «investigation report» is based on Twitter screenshots of Trevor Milton himself, Nikola, and open interviews with him. And naturally, all this is interpreted in an arbitrary form, with an emphasis on such definitions as «being developed», «under construction», «to be done», «negotiations are underway.» And this supposedly should confirm that the company has no result, that this is a «soap bubble». Now remember what they said for several years in a row about Tesla, when the company was, in fact, only in the development stage, when new models were designed and presented, when factories were being built. Now they do with Nikola, like with Tesla, almost like a blueprint. The goal is outrageously elementary — shorting Nikola and GM.

And I must admit that they did it.

Unlike the verbiage «experts», the head of Nikola could not afford an instant response to the stuffing, as he remembers the reaction of the SEC to the free tweets of Elon Musk.

And he immediately openly declared that the answer would be, soon, in a legally correct form, and as complete as possible.

After some time, more precisely on September 14,

Below are excerpts from the press release. By the way, in it the accuser is directly named

Nikola, in its early stages of growth, has gone through extensive due diligence procedures starting with Bosch in 2017, Hanwha Group and ValueAct Capital in 2018, CNH Industrial NV in 2019 and VectolQ Acquisition Corp. and General Motors in 2020.

Nikola Tre truck production: The company expects the Nikola Tre truck, the first battery-electric semi-trailer created in collaboration with IVECO in a joint venture set up in 2019 for the short-haul sector, to be production ready and available to customers by the fourth quarter 2021 year. The Nikola / IVECO joint venture made it possible to concentrate on the supply of Tre in 2021. Nikola Tre is a zero emission semi-truck with over 720 kWh battery and approximately 300 miles range.

Development of the Nikola Two hydrogen-electric semi-truck: in 2021, Nikola will begin testing a pre-production Nikola Two semi-trailer with a hydrogen-electric drive for medium and long haul, with a capacity of more than 1000 horsepower. Anheuser Busch LLC previously announced an order for 800 trucks, with a prototype to be delivered by the end of 2021, trials scheduled for 2022, and a production version in the second half of 2023.

In November 2019, Nikola’s electric fuel cell prototype completed a zero-emission beer supply for the company

Strategic partnership with General Motors to begin production of the Badger pickup: As announced last week, the company has formed a strategic partnership with General Motors under which General Motors will design, validate, test and manufacture the Nikola Badger pickup, which will include variants with all — power units on electric and hydrogen fuel cells. Production of badgers is expected to begin in late 2022.

The short seller claims that Nikola buys and does not manufacture inverters in-house: In his report, Hindenburg misrepresents that Nikola claims a third-party inverter is its own technology by placing a sticker on the supplier’s name. Nikola has never stated that the inverter on the prototype truck shown in the video is owned by the Company or will be used in production. Nikola has been designing, engineering and working on its own inverters for quite some time now. The company does use third-party parts in car prototypes, some of which can later be swapped out for in-house parts during production. This is a common practice among car manufacturers, and Nikola often hides supplier names from the media and competitors. Each program is unique as it requires different specifications and validation.

Further, the answers to the accusations of the 2016 Nikola One prototype, the green hydrogen plant, the alleged cancellation of the NZT electric buggy project, at the cost of the 2010 contract between Swift Transportation and dHybrid Systems LLC, are also given point-by-point.

Answers are given on all charges, and you can read more about this in the Nikola Corporation press release itself.

What kind of partnership would it have been if they had stayed away from this attack and scandal? And the answer was.

Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO of General Motors

It is worth noting that some of our publications and journalists have gotten themselves into the product of Hindenburg, who are trying to trick on fried, instead of calmly analyzing the situation, understanding who and what is beneficial, and drawing appropriate conclusions.

Personally, I believe that Nikola Corporation’s survival rate will be

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