Gwynne Shotwell — «the best idea wins, even if it comes from an intern»

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Gwynne Shotwell

Gwynne Shotwell today can serve as an example for many, and a terrific success story of a woman in science and technology. She wins respect and recognition by real deeds, which are visible, without exaggeration, one might say, to the whole world. This is the development of all #spacex programs — Crew Dragon, Falcon 9, Starlink, Starship, and others …

I don’t know if we can compare her, for example, with Marie Curie, but undoubtedly Shotwell is very close to the fact that her name was already inscribed in golden letters in the history of earthly astronautics. She not only holds her position, she led and leads to success one of the most innovative companies in the world, and maybe even the First company in the world to introduce innovations, which has every chance to forever change the course of the future of humanity.

And of course such a person could not fail to be noted by one of the most influential publications in the world, #time magazine.

The SpaceX chief was named one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2020 this week.

Shotwell’s management also brought the company she leads, many contracts for the further development of its space program, the cost of SpaceX has grown to $ 46 billion, all with 8,000 employees! Amazing efficiency, with the same incendiary visionary work as that of Elon Musk.

Former NASA astronaut, geologist, member of three Space Shuttle missions, first American woman to walk into outer space, Katherine Sullivan wrote about Shotwell:

She became one of the first SpaceX employees in 2002. As vice president of business development, Shotwell has completed over 70 Falcon launches totaling over $ 10 billion.

She quickly rose to her current position as President and Chief Operating Officer, and under her leadership, SpaceX became the first commercial company …

She is not only a typical engineer with a passion for building things, but also a “human resources engineer” who loves to work with colleagues and clients. Gwynne Shotwell is helping to launch our future, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

SpaceX has the same innovative spirit as Tesla, where there is no place for arrogance and arrogance. Where people are valued for their ideas and deeds.


She also noted that failures, which are inevitable when you plow a new road, do not break, but teach.


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